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Ramekin Breakfast Bakes

ramiken breakfast bake

My favorite breakfasts, are easy breakfasts. Especially during the week when my schedule is packed to the brim and there’s no time in the morning to mess around in the kitchen. These ramekin breakfast bakes are a great way to combine healthy carbs, fats & protein into my morning meal and can be made in […]

Homemade Shrimp Ramen

Shrimp Ramen

In my early 20’s I was living by myself in an adorable bachelor suite in a trendy downtown neighborhood in Calgary, AB – pretty sure it was haunted but adorable none the less. At this point in my life my priorities were pretty much the opposite of what they are these days and eating a […]

Healthy Halloween Treats – PB2 Popcorn Balls

popcorn balls

Growing up my mom always made homemade popcorn balls for halloween. She would make a batch for the family and for all the neighborhood kids and every year they were a hit! This year I was craving that childhood tradition. Now, I have no idea what was in my moms recipe but they were warm, […]