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6 Week Low Impact

A no jumping, apartment & joint friendly workout. Low impact – high intensity

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This free six week workout program is low impact meaning there are no jumping exercises. This knee friendly, apartment friendly program will keep your joints and your downstairs neighbors happy. Remember, low impact doesn’t mean low intensity so get ready to sweat!

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Frequently asked questions

Yes! I wanted to make this program accessible to people World wide at zero cost. My goal is to help people around the globe feel their very best without the financial stress of paying for an expensive program or personal trainer. This program is, and always will be, free!

By signing up for a free account you will gain instant access to ongoing free content including program guides, meal plans, workout calendars and more! You will also gain access to my private forum where you can ask questions, share your journey and connect with other members of the community. 

You bet! It is always advised that you work at your own pace and modify as needed to suit your level of fitness. What you put in is what you will get out! You can increase or decrease difficulty by adjusting the heaviness of the weights you use, increase or decrease your rest times and/or increase or decrease your level of intensity and if you want to jump – jump! Because verbal cues are not provided this program may not be suitable for someone that has never worked out before, who does not have experience executing movement with proper form and/or anyone dealing with injuries or physical limitations. Always check with your health care provider before starting a new workout or nutrition plan to make sure it is right for you.

The 6 week low impact workout program includes 6 videos/week over a 6 week period. Each video ranges between 30-45 minutes long including the warm up and cool down.

Throughout the 6 week program we will use a variety of light, medium and heavy dumbbells and an exercise mat. 

Rest days are recommended to allow your body to properly recover. Use rest days throughout the week as you wish. Perform light activity, yoga/stretching or just take a full day of rest. Listen to your body and do what feels right for you!

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