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HR12WEEK 4.0

The latest addition to the 12 week series. This is a strength focused program that is filmed in real time and includes a variety of training methods. Progressive overload, supersets and compound exercises are used to build strength while adding in cardio, mobility and pilates sessions to keep the weekly routine perfectly balanced. 

Equipment: Dumbbells, mini resistance band, exercise mat, yoga block + optional ankle weights



This series is loaded with metabolic conditioning, strength, cardio + mobility this series provides an efficient, well-rounded 12 week routine.

Equipment: Dumbbells, mini band + exercise mat



Twelve more weeks of sweat! A well balanced workout routine with an emphasis on strength training. Build strength, power and stamina.

Equipment: Dumbbells, exercise mat



The original 12 week series. Jam packed with intense HIIT and cardio workouts plus resistance training. Get strong, get lean and improve endurance.

Equipment: Dumbbells, stability ball, exercise mat



All the workouts of 3.0 re-designed and condensed into 30 minute sessions. Quick and effective workouts that will fit into your busy schedule.

Equipment: Dumbbells, mini band + exercise mat

Program schedules

Choose your HR12WEEK Series below and follow the YouTube Playlist. You can also download, print or save the program PDF Calendars.

HR12WEEK 4.0

Beginning Jan 8th 2024! New workouts will be published to YouTube at 7am Sun-Thurs so you will have access to each workout a day in advance. Be sure to subscribe and turn notifications ON so you never miss the launch of a new workout!

4.0 YouTube Playlist 4.0 Calendar PDF

Frequently asked questions

All program videos are uploaded to my YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe and turn channel notifications ON so you never miss a workout!.

  • HR12WEEK 1.0: Dumbbells, stability ball, exercise mat
  • HR12WEEK 2.0: Dumbbells, exercise mat
  • HR12WEEK 3.0: Dumbbells, mini band, exercise mat

A variety of weights is ideal but at least 3 sets (light, medium and heavy) is a great place to start! Below are recommendations on where to start but always choose right for you and your level of experience.

  • Beginner: Light (2-3lbs) Med (5-8lbs) Heavy (10-15lbs)
  • Intermediate Light (5-8lbs) Med (10-15lbs) Heavy (20-30lbs)
  • Advanced: Light (8-12lbs) Med (15-25lbs) Heavy (30-45lbs+)

Each of the HR12WEEK programs includes 5 videos/week over a 12 week period (60 workouts total). Each video ranges between 35-45 minutes total including warm up and cool down with the exception of two 60min workouts in 3.0.

Rest days are highly recommended to allow your body to properly recover. The program schedules recommend two days of rest per week. You can find the recommended schedule on the Calendar PDF’s but you can always adjust the schedule to best suit your needs.

Use your rest days to perform light activity, yoga/stretching, meditation or just take a full day of rest. Listen to your body and do what feels right for you!

My ultimate training guide, found in your account dashboard, offers insight into a straightforward, intuitive approach to eating and offers information on macronutrients, recommended foods, pre and post workout meals, sample meal plans and more! For a more comprehensive plan and to learn how to create a meal plan that works for you, check out my Nutrition Guide

Because verbal cues are not provided, these program may not be suitable for someone that has never worked out before, who does not have experience executing movement with proper form and/or anyone dealing with injuries or physical limitations.

It is always advised that you work at your own pace and modify as needed to suit your level of fitness. What you put in is what you will get out! You can increase or decrease difficulty by adjusting the heaviness of the weights you use, increase or decrease your rest times and/or increase or decrease your level of exertion.

Always check with your health care provider before starting a new workout or nutrition plan to make sure it is right for you.

Yes! Low impact modifications will be shown on-screen for jumping exercises during the 2.0 and 3.0 programs.

Of course! These are very important parts of every workout that should never be overlooked. A warm up and cool down are included in every workout.

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Yes! I wanted to make this program accessible to people World wide at zero cost. My goal is to help people around the globe feel their very best without the financial stress of paying for an expensive program or personal trainer. This program is, and always will be, free!

HR12Week 1.0 was my first 12 week program released in 2020. It is a progressive program that gradually gets harder week by week. The workouts are HIIT and cardio focused – designed for endurance, agility and fat burning

HR12Week 2.0 is a well balanced program with a focus on strength training combined with cardio – designed for building lean muscle and burning fat simultaneously.

HR12Week 3.0 has a strong focus on metabolic conditioning. Combining strength and cardio into efficient and effective circuits. This program also includes mobility and dynamic stretching for a well rounded, sustainable routine.

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