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Keep it Tight Tricep Workout

Tricep workout

Spring is just around the corner which means so are tank tops, halters and spaghetti straps. This tricep workout is designed to target the back of the arms to create a tight and defined appearance. Keep the weights lighter and the reps high for a good burn and maximum results!

Three Phase Challenge: Week Five

three phase challenge

Well week five of my Three Phase Challenge has come and gone and the general consensus is that the team is feeling strong….and tired. With extra cardio and heavier weights introduced in this phase is now more important than ever that our nutrition is dialled in. Today I’m talking specifically about protein and the roll […]

Three Phase Challenge: Week Four

three phase challenge

Well it’s officially the end of Phase one! The #HRThreePhase team has pushed, pulled, jumped, run and sweat through four weeks of resistance training and cardio workouts. Many of the ladies, including myself, have noticed an increase in energy, better sleeping patterns, clothes fitting better and increased strength and endurance – but that doesn’t seem […]

Three Phase Challenge: Week Three

Heather Robertson's Three Phase Program

I’m wrapping up week three with the Three Phase Challenge team and this week I’m talking about goal setting. Clearly defining your goals is the first step towards achieving them. I asked each of the participants to post their weekly goal on our private members only forum using the acronym S.M.A.R.T

Three Phase Challenge: Week One

Well it’s a new year full of new possibilities, new goals and of course the start of my 2017 Three Phase Challenge. This is the third annual challenge and my goal was to enroll 50 participants. I was just shy of this goal with 46 beautiful, determined women ready to take their health and fitness […]