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Surfer Body Workout

Surfer Body Workout

I have only attempted surfing a handful of times in my life- Each time the ocean gave me a pretty good beating and I’m pretty sure I only swam fast because I was afraid of sharks lol but, I’m determined to give it another shot! There’s a reason that pro surfers have the killer bodies […]

Mix Up Your Cardio with This Spin Workout

Spin Workout

Spin classes are my favorite way to mix up my cardio routine. This fast paced type of workout is a killer way to burn calories and develop lean, powerful legs – that is, if you push yourself. In a spin class you have full control over your bike’s resistance. It’s important to get out of […]

Start Your Online Training With This Free Sample Workout!

Sample Program

Here’s a special sneak peek at my Three Phase Program! This is a sample workout from Phase One of my online training program and it’s sure to give you a good taste of what the program is all about. Phase one is all about mobility, building endurance and improving performance. We start with full body […]

Sculpted Shoulder Workout

Shoulder Workout

I have naturally broad shoulders and always felt a little “thick” up top. I felt like working my shoulders would only enhance the width of my upper body. It wasn’t until I began to develop strength and lean muscle in this area that I noticed more definition and a progressively leaner appearance to my shoulders […]