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Cold Weather Running Tips

cold weather running tips

First off, if you’re brave enough to hit the pavement for a run on a cold day you’re my hero. Secondly, you’ll be happy to know that you will actually burn extra calories! You burn calories as you run but you will also burn more calories in order to stay warm. Being prepared and using […]

Introducing My New Focus Series!

Focus Series

I’m so excited to announce the upcoming launch of my all new Focus Series! Summer is (sadly) coming to an end. After months of vacations, weddings, bbq’s and patio parties it’s time to hunker down and refocus on those fitness goals. I created this series after receiving a number of messages that all had a […]

Three Types of Cardio You Need To Try

Types of Cardio

I have a serious love/hate relationship with cardio. I hate doing it but I love the results. I find it’s really important for me to mix things up and try different techniques. The main reason I do this is so that I don’t get bored but the other reason is that different types of cardio […]

Surfer Body Workout

Surfer Body Workout

I have only attempted surfing a handful of times in my life- Each time the ocean gave me a pretty good beating and I’m pretty sure I only swam fast because I was afraid of sharks lol but, I’m determined to give it another shot! There’s a reason that pro surfers have the killer bodies […]

Mix Up Your Cardio with This Spin Workout

Spin Workout

Spin classes are my favorite way to mix up my cardio routine. This fast paced type of workout is a killer way to burn calories and develop lean, powerful legs – that is, if you push yourself. In a spin class you have full control over your bike’s resistance. It’s important to get out of […]