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2014 Gift Guide for the Fitness Lover

Gift Guide for the Fitness Lover

There’s just a couple more weeks to shop before Christmas! My 2014 Gift Guide for the Fitness Lover includes a list of my top favourite ideas for the health enthusiasts in your life. These items may also be the perfect motivation for any of your loved ones that are starting off the new year with […]

Sculpted Shoulder Workout

Shoulder Workout

I have naturally broad shoulders and always felt a little “thick” up top. I felt like working my shoulders would only enhance the width of my upper body. It wasn’t until I began to develop strength and lean muscle in this area that I noticed more definition and a progressively leaner appearance to my shoulders […]

Abs, Glutes and Thighs – At Home Workout

This at home workout will target the abs, glutes and thighs and will have you sweating and burning calories without the need for fancy gym equipment. For each exercise you can use a dumbbell, ball or any other form of resistance to add weight. If you are a beginner, complete the move with just your […]

7 Ways to Get Over a Plateau

Get over a Plateau

You’ve been working your butt off in the gym and eating right but your progress has stalled – don’t let this discourage you. Hitting a plateau is common as your body begins to adapt to your new active lifestyle. The good news is that a plateau is not permanent and it’s definitely not an excuse […]