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Easiest Meal Prep Ever!

easiest meal prep ever

Easiest meal prep ever!? I know that’s quite the claim, but honestly guys, this style of meal prep has been a huge time/life saver over the past couple of weeks. I love prepping meals ahead of time because it decreases my time spent in the kitchen throughout the week, helps save money on grocery bills, […]

Healthy Slow Cooker Minestrone

slow cooker minestrone

This slow cooker minestrone is hands down one of the easiest soups I’ve made! Using the slow cooker is a huge time-saver plus you can pretty much add in any seasonal veggies you have on hand. The pasta makes this a hearty dish which is satisfying and perfect for pairing with a fresh salad!

Homemade Veggie Ground

homemade veggie ground

Many store bought veggie grounds can contain unwanted ingredients such as artificial flavours and colourings, MSG, emulsifiers and thickening agents, including nitrosamine, which is a carcinogen. Eww! So when you are looking for a meat alternative there’s no better option than whipping up your own homemade veggie ground!

Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two

Stay in this Valentine’s day and heat up the kitchen with your Romeo or Juliet. This dinner for two is rich in nutrients and heart healthy foods. The recipes are designed for four people which will give you leftovers for next days lunch. The desert is meant for sharing- so two forks are needed!

Five Easy Salmon Recipes

Easy Salmon Recipes

Salmon, the king of the sea, is rich in protein and vitamin D and is one of the top sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s have been known to reduce inflammation, regulate blood pressure, and are crucial for brain and heart health. There are many ways to prepare this flavourful, hearty fish. Check out these […]