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Chocolate Superfood Cupcakes

Chocolate Superfood Cupcakes

Spoil your Valentine this year with these fresh baked superfood cupcakes! These gooey treats are packed full of all-natural ingredients. Quinoa and hemp hearts are gluten free and filled with protein and omegas. Cacao is also a source of phytochemicals that may support cardiovascular health. – it’s no wonder they are considered superfoods. Enjoy!

Vitamix Monday: Tomato Berry Sorbet

Tomato Berry Sorbet

Eating enough fruits and veggies throughout the day can be tough. This healthy sorbet recipe is one extremely easy and enjoyable way to make sure you are loading up on the good stuff while satisfying any pesky sweet tooth cravings. The tangy flavours from the fruit overpower the tomato so you can sneak in the […]

Creamy Orange Sorbet

Creamy Orange Sorbet Recipe

With Summer weather comes the cravings for cold, sugary treats. Instead of opting for a candy filled blizzard or sugar packed slushy, try out this healthier option from our Clean Eating Treats eBook. Sorbet is an excellent non-dairy option to replace ice cream. It is sure to satisfy that sweet tooth and keep you cool […]