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Staying On Track During The Holidays

staying on track

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Snow is falling, the trees are sparkling with lights and family and friends are gathered for festive celebrations. The last thing you want to deal with over this happy time of year is stress or worry. While your health and fitness goals are a priority, it is […]

4 Ways to Detox Your Lymphatic System

Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system’s main function is to remove waste and protect your body from harmful toxin. It pulls these unwanted toxins from your bodily tissue into your blood stream. From the blood stream it is then purified by the spleen. The spleen is your body’s greatest defense against bacteria, infection and disease.

3 Ways to Balance Your Hormones – Naturally!

Balance Hormones Naturally

When you think of hormone imbalance you typically think of menopause or symptoms you may start experiencing in your 40’s or 50’s. The reality is, is that many women have begun to notice hormonal changes earlier in life. This may be due to lifestyle, pollution, toxins and synthetic chemicals that we’re exposed to every day.

Top 3 Benefits of Maca Powder

Benefits of Maca Powder

Bad mood swings? Low energy? Decreased libido? There may be a natural solution! I came across Maca powder just a few weeks ago in my local health food store. I admittedly suffer from bouts of anxiety and seemingly uncontrollable mood swings during “that time of the month” :S I have found a great amount of […]