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Three Phase Challenge: Week Eleven

Well we are officially heading into the final week of this year’s Three Phase Challenge. The workouts are tough but the team is pushing through right to the finish line. Over the past eleven weeks we’ve addressed specific concerns or topics of discussion that have occurred amongst the group in our forum. It’s important to […]

Three Phase Challenge: Week Nine


The Three Phase team is now working our way through the third phase of our program and pushing through some seriously sweaty HIIT sessions. I like to say the third phase is where the magic happens and these HIIT style workouts are the main reason why. Through phase one and two we built a foundation […]

Three Phase Challenge: Week Eight

Three Phase Program

Well we are officially in the final phase of this year’s Three Phase Challenge. I always say that this is the phase where the magic happens! It’s the final stretch and now’s the time to combine physical strength with mental strength which will push us through to the end. When it comes to mental strength […]