Three Phase Program


5.00 out of 5
  • An effective 12 week training program.
  • Complete with a healthy nutrition guide
  • Improve mobility and endurance.
  • Develop lean muscle tone.
  • Improve endurance and shed fat fast.

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The Three Phase program is a straightforward, informative, and effective twelve week program that focuses on getting you results. It features twelve weeks of only the most essential training and nutrition tools to transform your physique in a healthy, sustainable way. I have created it to motivate and empower you toward reaching your goals.

  • Phase One (weeks 1-4) includes full body workouts to get the body moving and improve mobility.
  • Phase Two (weeks 5-8) is all about developing lean muscle tone. Gain strength and create definition.
  • Phase Three (weeks 9-12) is where the magic happens! Lean out, burn fat and improve endurance.
  • Train using a variety of gym equipment including dumbbells, barbells, cable systems, kettlebells and medicine balls.
  • Your downloadable program will include:

    • Twelve weeks of structured workout plans divided into three carefully crafted phases.
    • Access to visual and written descriptions of every exercise. Never be left guessing!
    • Six workouts a week that include a wide variety of resistance and cardio exercises.
    • A downloadable Three Phase Nutrition guide which includes all the tools you need to eat healthy, find balance and stay on track.
    • Sample menus, recipes and shopping lists specifically designed for each phase of the program to provide you with optimal results.

    Be a part of a growing network of like-minded women and receive your daily dose of motivation and inspiration. With your purchase you will also receive:

    • Access to a members only group forum.
    • Ongoing Q & A with myself and other members of the #HRThreePhase Community.
    • Recipes, tips, tricks, motivation and success stories from myself and other members.
    • Direct messaging capabilities for personalized support.
    • Entry into private, members only contests and challenges!

    Check out the following frequently asked questions I get about my At Home program. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to send me a message at

    Once you purchase your three phase program you will gain instant access to a downloadable PDF through your account page. Your Nutrition Guide is also available as a downloadable PDF. This too can be accessed through your account dashboard and saved to your computer and/or any mobile devices for easy, ongoing access.

    Each phase is four weeks long. If followed properly, the entire program will take twelve weeks to complete from start to finish.

    The first phase is designed to help you get moving and get in the habit of working out regularly. In this phase you will begin with full body workouts that alternate with cardio sessions. You will prep the body by loosening up the joints, gaining flexibility and improving mobility.

    The second phase is designed to help you increase strength and tone up. You will begin to isolate muscle groups and focus on building lean muscle and muscular endurance.

    The third and final phase is designed to help you lean out and build your cardiovascular endurance. You will move in to a variety of cardio and HIIT style workouts. This phase is full of quick and intense workouts that will help you to burn fat fast!

    The majority of the exercises can be done with a wide range of equipment. Bicep curls can be performed with dumbbells, a barbell, a resistance band or a cable system. If you are unable to improvise, simply substitute in a different exercise from our database that you are able to perform with the equipment you have on hand. Use the members only forum to ask Heather or other members of the HRThreePhase community for suggestions/recommendations.

    The Three Phase Program is designed with a series of exercises to perform six days each week. If this does not work with your schedule you can re-arrange your rest days or combine your cardio days with your weight days to cut back on the total number of days spent in the gym.

    Yes! Maximize your results by following the included nutritional guide throughout your training program. Simply choose which version is best for you by selecting an option from the drop down menu on the product page. Options include gluten free, lactose free, lacto-ovo vegetarian and regular.

    As a participating member of the Three Phase Programs you have access to our extensive exercise database! Each exercise in your program is hyperlinked to this database to provide you with detailed instructions and images on how to properly complete the exercises in the program. Simply click/tap the exercise name on your PDF and you will be redirected to the exercise description online.

    You will notice a link included in your program that allows you to upload your photos. Submit these at the beginning of your program and at the end of each phase to see your progress and to stay accountable to your program!


    Original, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian

    3 reviews for Three Phase Program

    1. Rated 5 out of 5

      Victoria Martin

      Amazing! Heather manages to uncomplicate the world of fitness and nutrition. Workouts are hyperlinked so if you are unsure you can check instantly to know you are doing it right. The food and recipes are awesome. It takes the guess work out of meal prep and proves healthy can be yummy!! I would recommend Heather to anyone whether they are new to fitness or want to revamp their workouts!

    2. Rated 5 out of 5

      Jacqueline Berger

      Heather’s workout programs deliver amazing results. Professional and challenging, while takeing the guess work out of what to do next. Her programs are well executed and easy to follow. From beginner to advanced levels, you will never be disappointed. Her meal plans are delicious and satisfying, never boring or repetitive. If your looking for a program to help you look and feel your absolute greatest, this is it! Love it, love her!!!!!

    3. Rated 5 out of 5


      I’m so thankful for Heather Roberston’s At Home Three Phase Program. This program gets straight to working out and can be done anywhere! I am currently at home with 3 kids under 3 and this program is a great jump start to help with the dreaded post pregnancy body. The meals and snacks recipes are delicious.
      I highly recommend this program as I feel Heather Robertson is my personal trainer throughout this program and I’ll probably never pay for a personal trainer again.

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