Three Phase Program

Once you purchase your three phase program you will gain instant access to a downloadable PDF through your account page. If you purchased a bundled product or added a nutrition guide to your order you will also receive the nutrition guide as a downloadable PDF. Be sure to save the PDF’s to your computer and/or mobile device to have ongoing access to them.

Each phase is four weeks long. If followed properly, the entire program will take twelve weeks to complete from start to finish.

The first phase is designed to help you get moving and get in the habit of working out regularly. In this phase you will begin with full body workouts that alternate with cardio sessions. You will prep the body by loosening up the joints, gaining flexibility and improving endurance.

The second phase is designed to help you increase strength and tone up. You will begin to isolate muscle groups and focus on building lean muscle and muscular endurance.

The third and final phase is designed to help you lean down and build your cardiovascular endurance. You will move in to a variety of cardio and HIIT style workouts. This phase is full of quick and intense workouts that will help you to lean you out and show off all that new lean muscle!

The majority of the exercises can be done with a wide range of equipment. Bicep curls can be performed with dumbbells, a barbell, a resistance band or a cable system. If you are unable to improvise, simply substitute in a different exercise from our database that you are able to perform with the equipment you have on hand. Use the members only forum to ask Heather other members for suggestions/recommendations.

The Three Phase Program is designed with a series of exercises to perform six days each week. If this does not work with your schedule you can re-arrange your rest days or combine your cardio days with your weight days to cut back on the total number of days spent in the gym.

Yes! If you want to maximize your results and add a nutrition guide to your three phase program you have a number of options including gluten free, lactose free, vegetarian (lacto-ovo) and regular nutrition options. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

As a participating member of the Three Phase Programs you have access to our extensive exercise database! Each exercise is hyperlinked to this database to provide you with detailed instructions and images on how to properly complete the exercises in the program. Simply click/tap the exercise name and you will be redirected to the exercise description online.

You will notice a link included in your program that allows you to upload your photos. Submit these at the beginning of your program and at the end of each phase to see your progress and to stay accountable to your program!

At Home Program

The At Home program includes a series of full length workout videos that can be accessed through your account dashboard. If you purchased a bundled product or added a Nutrition Guide to your purchase you will also receive your Nutrition Guide as a downloadable PDF. This can also be accessed through your account dashboard.

Log into your account page on heatherrobertson.com From the “My Account” tab you will see the At Home Program. This is where all the videos are stored and organized by day/week. To watch a video you must be connected to the internet or a strong wifi signal. *Since the videos are full length please allow a few moments for the video to fully load.

The only equipment you will need is an exercise mat, stability ball and dumbbells. For dumbbells I recommend for beginners 5-8 lbs Intermediate 10-12 lbs Advanced 12-15 lbs+ It’s great to have a variety so that you can challenge yourself as you progress!

The At Home program is designed to be completed six days each week. This, of course, is not set in stone – feel free to move things around to accommodate your schedule. You can always combine weight and cardio days together if need be.

Yes! If you choose to maximize your results and add a Nutritional Guide to your training program, there are a number of options including gluten free, lactose free, vegetarian and regular nutrition options. Follow the one that best suits your needs!

I love seeing progress photos! I recommend taking a full length, well lit photo from the front, back and side when you start the program. At the end of each phase do the same thing and try to keep your pose and wardrobe the same. You can email them to me at support@heatherrobertson to share all your hard work and success!

Focus Series

Once you purchase the Focus series program(s) you will gain access to a digital download that can be saved to your computer, laptop and/or mobile devices. Each program includes a four week training guide including recommended sets, reps and visual references for each exercise.

The Focus Series programs are suitable for all fitness levels from beginner to elite. I encourage you to follow along at your own pace and challenge yourself as you see fit. I also recommend talking with your health care provider before starting any new fitness or nutrition program.

Legs & Glutes: You will need dumbbells and a stability ball. I recommend for beginners 5-10lbs Intermediate 10-15lbs Advances 15-20+lbs

Upper body: You will only need dumbbells. I recommend for beginners 3-5lbs Intermediate 5-10lbs Advances 10-15+lbs

Abs: You can do completely body weighted or you can add dumbbells for added resistant and an extra challenge!

HIIT: You will only need dumbbells. I recommend for beginners 3-5lbs Intermediate 5-10lbs Advances 10-15+lbs

The focus series programs are designed to be completed three days each week with the exception of the Ab program which is four days each week.

I love seeing progress photos! I recommend taking a full length, well lit photo from the front, back and side when you start the program. At the end of the four weeks do the same thing and try to keep your pose and wardrobe the same. You can email these photos to me at support@heatherrobertson to share all your hard work and success!

Meal Plan

Every week you will receive a menu for two that includes three meals plus two snacks each day Monday thru Saturday. Sundays are intended to use up leftovers and prep for the week ahead. Each weekly menu includes, on average, 7-10 gluten free recipes. On top of that you will get a thorough shopping list to help save you time, prevent waste and keep you organized.

Once you sign up you will receive a newsletter every Tuesday that includes a direct link to your meal plan. You can also log into your account to view your menu from your dashboard at anytime. These menus are also updated every Tuesday. From your dashboard you will be able to see the week we are currently in and the upcoming week. For Example: If you signed up Wed Jan 7th you will see Week One which runs from Jan 5th-11th and you will also see Week Two which runs Jan 12th-18th since that plan was posted on Tuesday Jan 6th.

When you purchase your meal plan subscription you will create an account. Choose a unique username and password that you will use to log in. When you log in you will be able to visit www.heatherrobertson.com at anytime and access your menus, shopping lists and the recipe database. You can also view your Meal Plan by viewing the email that is sent to you each week. This email will include direct links to your weekly meal plan.

We have numbered each week of the year starting with the first week of January. This makes it much easier for us to manage content on our end. So depending on when you sign up that is the week that you will be starting at. Each week is equally as awesome and there is no start date that is better than another!

You will have access to 2 weeks at a time- your current week and the previous week. You do have the option to print out the material each week incase you need to reference previous information and you will always have access to our online recipes.

Your weekly menu is designed for 2 people to follow the plan together. The menus and recipes are designed to provide guidance towards preparing meals that two average people would eat. To accommodate more or less people, or to meet your specific needs, you may want to adjust recipes, quantities and shopping lists as necessary.

Meal plans and recipes are created by Heather Robertson and Holistic Nutritionist Melissa Krauss.

Each day you will receive recommendations for 5 meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner combined with two snacks.

Secure payment is made through www.heatherrobertson.com – using most major credit cards or your PayPal account. You can have peace of mind knowing that your information is completely confidential on our secure sever. If you purchase a month-to-month subscription, your recurring payments will auto renew every month – but you can cancel at any time.

The menu plans we have created range from approximately 1200- 2000 calories per day. This range allows flexibility to add or subtract calories as needed. Nutritional values of each recipe are included for your reference. Please note that daily calorie intake will vary depending on serving sizes, flex meals, leftovers utilized and products/brands used. The freedom to adjust serving sizes to meet your personal needs is available to you!

The Meal Plan subscription contains 100% gluten free recipes and snack ideas. While there are quite a few vegetarian recipes included, at this time we do not off a completely a vegetarian meal plan – but rest assured we are working on it!

You have the freedom to swap out foods at your own discretion. We do suggest however that you replace them with a similar nutritious, whole food option. For example if you do not wish to eat quinoa perhaps substitute brown rice or another gluten free grain. If you do not like fish, swap that meal out for a chicken dish instead. Be sure to revise your grocery list as needed!

The recipes are so simple that even Heather can make them 😉 We have created recipes that are quick and easy to follow to save you time and frustration when prepping your weekly meals.

It is expected that you may have minimal leftovers and the goal is to create as little waste as possible. We have assigned Sunday as “Leftover day” Graze your fridge and use up any leftover produce or perishable items that remain.

If there are foods mentioned in the program that are seasonal or not available where you live it is very easy to swap them out and choose another healthy alternative. For example; If mangos or pears are not in stock opt for oranges or apples instead. If a recipe calls for mangos specifically you may purchase a canned or jarred variety or choose to swap out the recipe.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at anytime, worry free!
1. Log into your account
2. Click the “My account” tab
3. Select “subscriptions” from the list
4. Select the “view” button next to your subscription number and status
5. From the subscription detail page select “cancel”

Once you cancel you will have access to the menus for the remainder of the last month paid for through your account dashboard. *PLEASE NOTE: Unsubscribing from the weekly meal plan emails that include the link to your weekly menus DOES NOT cancel your meal plan subscription it just removes you from the email list.

All sales are final. If you have purchased the one year option meal plan no refunds will be issued once payment has been processed. If you are on a month by month subscription plan and chose to cancel your subscription, your payments will be cancelled and you will no longer have access to your membership dashboard or meal plans once your current month is complete. No refunds will be issued for any previous monthly payments.

The meal plan subscription is not a crash diet or trendy weight loss solution. It is a balanced and healthy way of eating that can be maintained year round. If you need to lose weight then following the plan may help you to reach you optimal weight and may also aid in gaining lean muscle. Any meal plans, recipes and shopping lists included are simply recommendations. Always seek the advice of your professional health care provider or nutritionist before making any changes to your health care routine.

These meal plans are full of healthy, clean and nutritious foods. Since they are not customized programs they do not take into consideration any possible allergies or food sensitivities. We always suggest you consult with your health care provider before starting any new diet or fitness program especially if you have a complex medical history or any sever allergies.

This is a meal that you may choose to eat out for or that you use to cook one of your own personal favorites. This can be traded with any other meal in the same week to help accommodate your schedule or any special occasions.

Sundays give you the opportunity to eat up any leftovers from the week. We just don’t like wasted food! Use up whatever you have left of fresh fruit and veggies, pre-cooked proteins and grains or any leftover meals that are taking up space in your fridge. Take this day to prep your food for the upcoming week as well!

Nope! You can shuffle this menu a day or two in either direction. If you wish to start you week on Wednesdays just adjust as needed. Think of the menus as days 1-5 and start day 1 on whatever day of the week is most convenient for you!

If you wish to unsubscribe from any of our newsletters simply click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the Newsletter. If you choose not to receive your weekly menu in an email you will still have access to it through your dashboard.

If you are a member and wish to continue being a member but no longer want to receive emails regarding your purchase, product specials or member only deals, you do not need to cancel your account. Simply email us at support@heatherrobertson.com and we will remove you from the mailing list!