Three Phase Challenge: Week One

Well it’s a new year full of new possibilities, new goals and of course the start of my 2017 Three Phase Challenge. This is the third annual challenge and my goal was to enroll 50 participants. I was just shy of this goal with 46 beautiful, determined women ready to take their health and fitness […]

Ramekin Breakfast Bakes

ramiken breakfast bake

My favorite breakfasts, are easy breakfasts. Especially during the week when my schedule is packed to the brim and there’s no time in the morning to mess around in the kitchen. These ramekin breakfast bakes are a great way to combine healthy carbs, fats & protein into my morning meal and can be made in […]

Simple Post-Holiday Detox

Three day detox

Well it’s the holiday season and I have been indulging in my fair share of treats. You know what the best part is? I don’t even feel guilty about it! Finding balance in my life between health, nutrition and special occasions prevents me from obsessing about calories or saying no to my Mom’s famous fudge […]