Quick At Home Workout: Tabata

quick at home workout

This quick at home workout is Tabata style which means it’s going to be intense but don’t worry it’s only 12 minutes long, you can do this!

Tabata style workouts are my favorite for when I’m short on time. With just three simple moves you are going to get a killer full body workout. You can build strength, power and agility and you know that heart rate’s going to go up which means you can expect to burn calories and shed fat fast! Oww Oww You won’t need any equipment for this workout so you can do it from anywhere. #noexcuses Here we go – try it out and let me know how it goes 🙂

Quick At Home Workout: TABATA

// Breakdown //
20 sec work + 10 sec rest x8 rounds for each move

Jump Squats
Mountain Climbers

// Watch The Full Length Video //

One thought on “Quick At Home Workout: Tabata

  1. patricia juanes says:

    Thank you for providing your 12 week workout plan during this awful time, greetings from mexico. THANK YOU

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