15 min Full Body Workout in Japan!!

Full body workout

Well it’s been almost a week since we got back to Vancouver and I’m finally getting back into the swing of things over here – well, kind of…more on that to come in a longer post 😉

It’s always important to me to stay on top of my fitness goals and find balance between relaxing and staying active while we are away. While there was not a plethora of gyms or fitness classes to be found in Japan there definitely was no shortage of cardio opportunities. Walking around the city, hitting the hiking trails, biking through the countryside to name a few – oh and don’t forget I was hauling 20lbs of camera gear on my back the entire time. (Joey had to hear me whine non-stop about that for the first 3 days – lucky guy lol)

Hotel rooms are super small in Japan – you’re lucky if you can lay your suitcase flat on the floor! So, once we moved to our spacious Airbnb in Okayama I jumped at the chance to stretch out and get in a full body workout.

In this 15 minute bodyweight workout I move through a series of five different exercises all designed to target the core, shoulders and even that booty! Check out the breakdown and follow along to the full length video posted below.

// Breakdown //

Inchworms x6
Plank Shoulder Taps x20
Seesaw Plank x10
Side Bridge Kicks x8/side
Down-Dog Knee Tucks x8/side

Repeat for 3 sets total.

// Watch The Full Length Video //

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