How to Get A Sixpack – 12 Minute Workout

How To Get A Sixpack

Wondering how to get a six pack? Well doing a variety of ab exercises will definitely help but don’t forget – the best way to get a flat stomach is to eat clean, stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep and get in your cardio! Do those things, plus workouts like this one, and you are well on your way to those washboard abs 🙂

// Breakdown //

40 sec work + 20 sec rest

Butterfly Crunch
Prayer Pulse
Reverse Crunch + Twist
Pretzel Crunch (Right Side)
Pretzel Crunch (Left Side)
Bicycle Crunch

Repeat for 2 sets total!

Heather Robertson

An internationally recognized fitness personality and sought after Certified Personal Training Specialist with training in advanced sports nutrition. Her passion for living a healthy and active lifestyle is recognized beyond the gym and demonstrated to others as a life of fun, balance and continuous goal setting.

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