How To Get Thinner Thighs – At Home Workout

How to get thinner thighs

I’ve had a lot of requests for this video so here it is! These are some of my favourite exercises that you can do from home to really target the thighs. Create shape, strength and definition with these moves! As you advance increase your weight for added resistance woot woot! Watch the full length video below and follow along!

// Breakdown //

3 sets total

Side Lunges (Right Leg) x10
Side Lunges (Left Leg) x10
Sumo Squat + 2 pulses x10

– 10 Jump Squats –

Inner leg Lift (Left leg) x10
Inner Leg Lift (Right Leg) x10
Weighted Outer Leg Lift (Left Leg) x10
Weighted Outer Leg Lift (Right Leg) x10

– 10 Jump Squats –

Toe taps x10 each way
Ball Squeeze x10
Raised Ball Squeeze x10

– 10 Jump Squats –

Repeat for 3 sets total!

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