Three Phase Challenge: Week Twelve

Well we did it! Twelve weeks ago myself and members of the #HRThreePhase community made the choice to commit to our health and follow my three phase program together. We all had different reasons why we enrolled but at the same time shared a common goal of making a change to improve our overall health.

We followed a scheduled workout plan, prepped our meals and cleaned up our eating habits. We lost inches, pounds and more importantly doubts and insecurities. We gained strength, speed, energy and confidence. We built friendships, shared stories, offered advice and built a community of support. It’s been twelve weeks of pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone and getting real with the source of our struggles. I’ve seen a big shift in the mindset of many of the women involved. Being able to recognize the negative or self-destructive thoughts that run through our heads on a daily basis and replacing them with positive, action-based ideas, has instilled a sense of empowerment and control. My main goal as a coach was for each of the participants to feel in control of their health and to take full responsibility for their choices and actions and I believe we have all made some big steps forward. Yay us!! So the biggest question from the group now is what’s next?

The most important thing is to keep the momentum going. It takes time and commitment to create new habits but they can be broken so easily. So taking a long break from working out or binging on junk food is the last thing you want to do. The idea has always been to find balance so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle without feeling deprived or completely consumed and that should continue to be the goal moving forward.

The workouts in my Three Phase program are designed to be repeated and I have personally been using these exact methods for years to help me achieve my goals. Each time you start the program over you are stronger, faster and more experienced which means the intensity of your workouts increases and you are able to raise the bar with each round.

Phase one is made up of full body workouts which I find perfect for maintenance. If you’ve achieved your fitness goal and want to maintain your physique and level of activity these workouts are perfect. They are my go-to everyday workouts that keep me mobile, flexible and maintain my strength and endurance.

If you are still looking to build strength or gain more lean muscle, phase two is where it’s at. The lower reps combined with heavier weights will help you get there faster. I personally lose muscle really fast. If I take a break, increase my cardio too much or don’t get enough protein in my diet I will easily lose size and become “skinny-fat” That’s when I resort to phase two and switch my focus to these strength training routines.

The workouts in phase three are highly effective when it comes to burning fat and leaning out. They are also a good day to day option as they provide both cardio and resistance training methods and can be completed in a shorter amount of time. As your level of fitness improves you can begin to increase your work periods and shorten your rest periods to increase the level of intensity.

Many of the ladies have purchased the Focus Series programs as well which are perfect for the next step and to really target those specific areas that need a little extra attention. I’m going to be adding the 4 week ab series to my regular routine to improve my core strength as I find I’m sitting at a desk a lot more these days – and of course to get my six pack ready for summer 😉

No matter what your goal is moving forward it’s important to continue to set SMART goals and put deadlines in place. Set shorter term, or weekly goals that can be measured and share them with your support team. Be accountable to your goals and if something doesn’t go as planned be honest about why and make the changes necessary so that the outcome is different next time.

Nutrition has been and always will be the most important factor when it comes to achieving optimal health and reaching your physical fitness goals. You don’t need to follow a crash diet, starve yourself or live off fish and cucumbers. Eat real, whole foods and continue to experiment with your diet. Pay attention to how your body reacts to certain foods and what foods make you feel the best. If we listen to our bodies and watch for the signs we can use food and nutrition to fend off disease, improve our mood, increase our energy and so much more.

It’s the end of the challenge but the beginning of a new chapter. It’s bitter sweet but what I’m excited for is new goals and a new journey. I’ve signed up for a 10k run on April 23rd, one day before my birthday, and I also have my wedding coming up in August so there is no shortage of motivation over the next few months. I can’t wait to hear what the next steps are for each of the women and to welcome new members to our community. I couldn’t have asked for a better crew to share this journey with and I know that this is just the start for many of us. Let’s reflect on the journey, celebrate our success and welcome the next challenge. Congratulations team!!!

xo Heather

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