Three Phase Challenge: Week Eleven

Well we are officially heading into the final week of this year’s Three Phase Challenge. The workouts are tough but the team is pushing through right to the finish line. Over the past eleven weeks we’ve addressed specific concerns or topics of discussion that have occurred amongst the group in our forum. It’s important to look back at the challenges that we have faced, the lessons we have learned and the changes we have made so that we can appreciate how far we have come. So let’s recap…

In the beginning we introduced new habits and routines that made us a little uncomfortable. We faced temptation head on while travelling, attending work functions or special events and learned that balance is going to have to play a big part in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Being prepared mentally and scoping out resources such as hotel gyms, food options and rearranging our schedules gave us back the power and allowed us to feel more in control during these situations.

Setting both short term and long term goals was key right from the start. However, we learned that vague, lofty goals often got swept aside or forgotten because without a planned course of action it became difficult to say either “Yes, I accomplished that” or “No, I didn’t.” Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals changed the game. Using clearly defined, measurable goals made it very simple to measure success and to bring awareness to what went wrong and what needed to change or be different moving forward. Think back to the goals you set and shared throughout the challenge. Once you set specific, action and times orientated goals did you find it easier to achieve these goal? And if you did not achieve them was it clear what you could have done differently?

As we set short term goals it was also important to keep in mind that we were working towards longer term success and a lifestyle that would remain with us even after the challenge came to an end. Knowing this, we learned that fast fixes or overnight results were not realistic or sustainable and could actually do more harm than good. This is were we welcomed patience and consistency! My two favourite ingredients for long term success. Obsessing over numbers on the scale or stressing ourselves out day by day when we weren’t seeing drastic changes was going to do nothing but hinder our progress. Staying focused on the small changes whether physical, mental or emotional kept us in a positive headspace and always moving forward.

Tossing out the scales was a big step for many of the ladies as we learned that these numbers were not a fair measure of our efforts and the thing that was more important was how we felt. We learned that nutrition plays a gigantic role in our overall health and that fuelling our workouts with proper nutrients and supplements was the best way to accelerate our results and maximize our effort. Protein helped us to build lean muscle and with increased energy we began to lift heavier weights, feel stronger and gain confidence in the gym.

There were times along the way that many of us wanted to give up. Some of us did, some of us fell down and got right back up and continued to push on. We were faced with plenty of reasons, circumstances and excuses why we should quit, but becoming aware of these breakdowns and refusing to give up control is why we are still going strong today! One of my favourite parts of this year’s challenge was the new group forum. It has been a huge source of motivation and accountability. As we learned early on, being accountable for your actions is vital in getting through the tough times. There are many ways to hold yourself accountable but having a team to call you out on your B.S and ask the tough questions has played a big role in keeping us all on track. The value and importance of having a support team became very apparent early on as we connected and related to one another.

We’ve pushed, pulled, curled, jumped, sweat, cried, laughed and powered through resistance training, plyometrics, HIIT training and the oh so dreaded cardio. Every choice we’ve made along the way has brought us to where we are today and every choice moving forward will determine the type of lifestyle we will lead. The physical results are important yes, but as your coach it has always been my main goal to introduce you to new habits and new ways of thinking about working out and eating clean to offer you a sort of breakthrough into a new lifestyle. Creating a healthy, balanced way of living, and thinking, is what will bring you overall health, empowerment, confidence and happiness – The sexy muscles and curves are just a nice added bonus 😉 Take time this week to really reflect on all the things we have experienced and learned along the way and continue to apply these new practices and actions into your life. Let’s finish this thing strong ladies!!

xo Heather

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