Three Phase Challenge: Week Ten

The final phase of this year’s challenge is full of intense workouts and requires a certain level of determination and commitment to get through each week. But the choice to follow the program just as it is designed is what will allow each participant to finish this thing strong and to know that they put in their best effort. The key word there is ‘choice’.

Throughout this entire challenge each participant has made a series of choices that has gotten them to where they are now. They chose to sign up for the challenge I know that much but from there on the level of effort and focus towards the program has been an individual choice and the results achieved are a direct reflection of these choices.

I believe the ability to change anything in our lives, comes from the power of choice. There are a number of events in life that we can not control but we always have the ability to decide on these three things 1. what to focus on 2. what things mean and 3.how to act.

Looking back on the past ten weeks I want each of the ladies to consider one or two decisions that they have made that would have totally changed where they are today – not thinking of it as better or worse, just different. Sometimes the smallest decisions can make the biggest changes in your life…..like deciding to sign up for an online fitness challenge and meeting an incredible new group of friends or changing your eating habits and ridding your body of disease and determining your physical destiny.

It is our decisions that determine our destiny not our conditions.If you want a new life and new experiences you need to make new choices. If you don’t like how out of shape you are – change it. If you don’t like how much junk food you eat – change it. If you don’t like that you never finish what you start – change it. Things will change the moment you make a decision. A real decision to commit to something with everything you’ve got and you take action.

The first small choice is to decide what to focus on. You can focus on the fact that somebody else is stronger, faster, skinnier than you or you can focus on the fact that you are determined to becoming the best version of you. It’s about making conscious choices because whatever you focus on you will feel – whether it’s true or not. If you focus on the fact that you have no will power and you will always be overweight, that is how you will always feel and it will become true. If you focus on the fact that you are a committed person who gets joy out of being active and eating healthy foods, that is how you will feel and that will become true.

We all get to add meaning to things and we do so typically based on past experiences. Depending on what meaning you choose to come up with can determine how you respond and what action you take. You could say “I missed todays workout so that means that I’m a failure.” Somebody else may say “I missed today’s workout so that means I’m going to work even harder tomorrow to prove nothing gets in my way.” Once you make up a meaning it becomes true. If you tell yourself you are a failure it becomes true. If you tell yourself you are resilient it will become true.

You can decide to quit. You can decide to become strong and focused. You can decide to turn things around or accept them as they are. Ultimately your life moving forward will be determined by the action you choose to take next. Do not to get hung up on the past or live in regret but choose what to do next to get you even closer to your goals.

You don’t need to be a personal trainer, a professional athlete, a fitness model or a nutritionist to reach your health and fitness goals. You have the power to choose, even if you never have before, you can say “no more!” and “here’s what I’m going to do differently” So be bold and use your choices to determine the life you want moving forward rather than choosing to be fearful or to stay comfortable in a life that is not all that you want. We have just two weeks left in the challenge. I’m choosing to focus on the privilege of movement and my ability to be active everyday. I will choose to make each workout mean that I am growing stronger and faster and becoming the best version of me. I will choose complete my workouts. I will eat healthy and will finish this thing knowing that each of these decisions, no matter how big or small, will determine my outcome and my life moving forward.

What type of life will you choose?

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