Three Phase Challenge: Week Nine


The Three Phase team is now working our way through the third phase of our program and pushing through some seriously sweaty HIIT sessions. I like to say the third phase is where the magic happens and these HIIT style workouts are the main reason why. Through phase one and two we built a foundation of lean muscle, endurance and speed. Now it’s time to put these assets to work, crank up the intensity of our workouts and burn fat like nobodies business!

High intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a type of workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity or even complete rest. Besides torching maximum calories in a minimum amount of time, there are a few more reasons why I, and many of my clients, love this style of training.

It’s Quick
HIIT is ideal for those challenged with a busy schedule. Research has shown that you can achieve noticeable progress by performing a 15 minutes interval training session 3 times per week.

It Burns Fat Fast
The intensity of HIIT workouts boosts your body’s repair cycle allowing it to burn more fat and calories in the 24 hour period after your workout than you would with a steady paced workout. This method will also hep your body produce Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which will boost the efficiency of your metabolism!

You’ll Lose Weight But Not Muscle
While you will be burning fat you don’t have to worry about losing that hard earned muscle that we built it phase two. The perfect combination of intense bodyweight and resistance exercises along with cardiovascular training allows the body to shed unwanted fat while retaining strength.

I know many of the ladies in this year’s challenge are excited to see those final results and by following the third phase training and meal plan schedule there is no reason they shouldn’t see some amazing physical changes! The most important “I” in HIIT is “Intensity” During the work/burst portion of the workout you should be pushing yourself to be as fast and powerful as possible during that time frame without compromising proper form or technique. These workouts are supposed to be challenging so if you’re barely breaking a sweat or feel like you could run 10k after your workout – you’re not working hard enough! Now is not the time to slow down or to give yourself a break. There are a few tricks I use to get myself past the finish line of an intense workout

Be Prepared
There is no way you will be able to work your hardest if you don’t properly prepare for your workout. This means proper nutrition/fuel beforehand, time spent warming up and all the proper equipment on hand

No Distractions
During a HIIT session you want to limit the amount of rest you get and stay in a rhythm. If I’m at the gym that means my baseball cap is pulled low, headphones are in, I find my own space and give off a serious “don’t interrupt me” vibe lol. If I’m at home I make sure all device ringers/notifications are off and my cat is sleeping (if any of you have seen some of my YouTube videos you will know how much of a distraction she can be haha)

Crank The Tunes
A playlist can make or break my workout. I save those heavy, power songs for HIIT days when I know I’m going to need my music to supply some extra adrenaline. This also can relate to being prepared – a big setback for me occurs if my headphones aren’t charged #worst

Eye On The Prize
Visualization also helps me a ton. I like to visualize not only how my body will look but also how I will age, how I will run faster, jump higher and feel unstoppable.

Think Happy Thoughts
Just like when you set an intention at the start of a yoga class I like to do the same before my workouts. I always intend to go through my workout without any negative self-talk or doubts. If I notice these things creeping in I focus on the fact that working out is a privilege. Many people are physically unable to perform the movements I am so I should feel blessed to have a body that moves, aches and sweats. I do not know what tomorrow will bring so today I will be grateful for the opportunity to exercise and better my health.

Just three more weeks left in this years challenge and I challenge all of the participants to get out of their comfort zones, continue to push themselves and to not miss a beat. Keep your eye on the prize ladies and let’s make some magic! Woot woot!!

xoxo Heather

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