Three Phase Challenge: Week Eight

Three Phase Program

Well we are officially in the final phase of this year’s Three Phase Challenge. I always say that this is the phase where the magic happens! It’s the final stretch and now’s the time to combine physical strength with mental strength which will push us through to the end. When it comes to mental strength there is no room for excuses. They distract us from what is important and prevent us from staying focused. So this is the phase where the tough love comes on strong. I am no longer ok with excuses, and I don’t want to hear them! You either want it or you don’t.

Excuses are imaginary reasons we invent to defend our behaviour, to neglect taking a particular kind of action, or simply as a means of avoiding responsibility. As humans, we are really great at picking from the vast library of ready-to-use excuses to limit our own physical, mental or even emotional capabilities. The number one reason we tend to make excuses is fear. Fear of failure, embarrassment, success, change, responsibility, uncertainty, making mistakes, looking bad… Fear typically stems from a lack of experience or knowledge. When we lack these things we tend to feel insecure so we mask our insecurities with excuses or we blame others to help give our self-esteem a boost. However this false sense of security will continue to persist until you overcome the real root of your fears. In fact not challenging these fears can really limit your growth and your beliefs leaving you with a pessimistic outlook and a life filled with regrets. What a bummer 🙁

When it comes to sticking to a workout and clean eating program the most common excuses I hear are: I don’t have the time, I don’t know how, I can’t change my old habits, I’m afraid I’ll fail, It won’t work for me, I’m not motivated and I’ll just never have the body I want so I might as well enjoy eating whatever I want. (I literally rolled my eyes after typing that) The first step to tossing out these excuses is to take a good hard look at which ones you are making/using on a regular basis. Step two is to honestly answer why you are making these excuses and what are you fearful of. And finally, step three, recognize how the excuses are limiting you or preventing you from moving forward and reaching your goal. In addition to these three steps there are also questions to ask yourself to get clear on why you make the excuses you do:

How bad do I want this? Take a look at your priorities and what you choose to make time for.

Why don’t I have what I want? Is it simply laziness or is there a specific action you have not taken because you are fearful?

If I don’t make a change how will my life look in a week, a month, a year from now? And then compare these outcomes to how your life would look if you DID make a change.

Eliminating excuses is the only way to get ahead and to have things you’ve never had in the past. Without getting out of your comfort zone and taking an honest look at the excuses you routinely use, you’re choosing to settle and to live a life that will remain the same. So it’s time to take action! Don’t dwell on the past, don’t compare yourself to others and don’t focus on your problems. Seek out solutions and opportunities, ask yourself the hard questions, accept responsibility and grow from your mistakes or failures. Cultivate positivity, consistency and confidence. We have four weeks left in this challenge but a lifetime to overcome hurdles, grow into our best selves and reach new heights. So toss those excuses aside and just focus on being awesome. Deal?

xo Heather

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