Three Phase Challenge: Week Six

Three Phase Challenge

We are halfway there! The Three Phase Challenge team has officially completed week six of the program and as expected the road leading us to this point hasn’t always been easy. There are times when some of us have wanted to give up and the truth is that some already have.

It’s always a hard pill for me to swallow when members of the team fall off the radar as it’s always been my number one goal to see each and every woman pass that finish line. I wholeheartedly understand why it can feel easier to give up rather than push through the hard times or acknowledge truths within ourselves that we would rather keep buried than come to terms with. I want each and every participant in this years challenge, or anyone reading this post, to know that no matter where you are in the program or what you are dealing with you can pick up where you left off and start again. It’s that easy. Today I’m going to cover just a few reasons why you should recommit to your goals and why giving up shouldn’t be an option!

The Time Will Pass Anyway

For a week you can consider starting a program, you can think about improving your diet, you can sulk and feel guilty or bad about where you are at – or – you can stop thinking and spend that week taking action. The seconds, minutes, hours, days will not slow down just because your will power has. Every day you spend pouting, making up excuses or feeling sorry for yourself is a waste of a day that you could be taking action, feeling empowered and living a life that you desire.

Success Doesn’t Happen Over Night

When we look at other peoples success it seems so easy. Their transformation photos are inspiring and we assume they didn’t have to deal with the circumstances or road blocks that we have. We ignore the miles and miles of hard work, sweat, and perseverance required for these people to get to that hill top of glory. In comparison we begin to feel that if we haven’t achieved the same level of success in a matter of days or weeks, there must be something wrong with us. Remember that each success story is different. Embrace the struggles and road blocks that you experience along the way because the things that we have to work the hardest for are usually the most rewarding!

You Effect More People Than You Think

This isn’t just about you. There are people in your life that are part of your journey. Your children learn from your choices and experience your energy and mood, your co-workers see you choosing healthier lunch options, someone struggling to find motivation see’s you take the stairs instead of the elevator – you never know who’s watching and when. Not only do these people see you succeed but they also witness your challenges and by not giving up you can inspire others to do the same. If you give up now, you don’t know what you could have accomplished and what the world might be missing out on because of you.

Your Past Is Not Your Future

You’ve messed up, you’ve made mistakes, you’ve fallen off course in the past – who hasn’t!? But using that as a reason to give up means you are accepting the fact that you will never change and that every action you made in the past has and will determine your future. Each failure will teach you. Each attempt will give you valuable insight into how to do better next time. But what will make a difference, and what will determine your future, is the ability to see yourself as a new possibility each and every day. Define yourself only by the words you speak and actions you take today. Let go of who you think you are and start living like the person you want to be.

Because You Said You Would

This is by far the most important reason to keep going. Being true to your word is a character trait that will take you far in all aspects of your life. There is infinite value in honouring the things you said you would do and following through with action – no matter what. Use integrity and personal accountability to drive yourself forward and don’t let anything come between you and your word.

Take ownership of your goals. Use your time and energy effectively. Acknowledge that reaching your goals will take time and hard work. Stay focused. Set small milestones and celebrate the small victories along the way. Strive for progress, not perfection. And above all, don’t give up.

You’ve got this!

xoxo Heather

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