Three Phase Challenge: Week Two

It’s the end of week two and being that I have spent the last week in Maui I was initially going to write a post on how to stay balanced while on vacation…

And then I realized that if it’s a lifestyle we are aiming to create throughout this challenge then there really should be no need for anything to change no matter the location, special event, time of year etc. what should occur is the ability to maintain healthy habits no matter what.

Sometimes I think that eating healthy or staying active while on vacation comes across as a chore, a downer or a real buzz kill – “Ugh I have to get a workout in today” or “darn it, I can’t eat fried food and sugary cocktails at every meal because I’m trying to be healthy – poor me.” The truth is I actually enjoy staying active, I prefer eating freshly caught seafood and locally grown fruits and veggies because I feel better when I do and I enjoy being immersed in the local culture. Now don’t get me wrong I love a good gelato or Mai Tai as much as the next person but feeling like I HAVE to lay on the beach and consume these sugary treats everyday just because “that’s what you do on holidays” is just not a healthy attitude and it has really made me think about why this mentality is so common and how it limits us from reaching and maintaining our goals.

The idea of laying around and over-consuming is so commonly perceived to make us feel more relaxed and rested but, the reality is that these choices are actually the source of our suffering and ongoing struggle to find balance.

It’s about learning to indulge in a different way. Indulge in new cultures, adventure, exploring, sunshine, reading, meditating – rather than consumption of the things that hinder your health. The truth is that if you are unwilling to change your choices and mentality in these situations you will continue to struggle to see results. Staying active and planning out healthy meals while in a new environment may not be the “easy” way but in my experience it makes a vacation much more enjoyable and there is no need for a post vacation “panic” or emergency detox.

So my advise to any of the participants who are taking a holiday during the 12 week challenge who ask what should I do – do what you would do if you were still at home. Adapt to your new environment and don’t make excuses. There is healthy food available to you. There are endless ways to stay active and stick to your program. Be grateful and feel empowered because you can find balance and maintain your health no matter what your circumstance. Remember what your goals are and take the actions required to meet them – oh and don’t forget the sunscreen 😉


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