Three Phase Challenge: Week One

Well it’s a new year full of new possibilities, new goals and of course the start of my 2017 Three Phase Challenge. This is the third annual challenge and my goal was to enroll 50 participants. I was just shy of this goal with 46 beautiful, determined women ready to take their health and fitness to the next level in 2017 and I couldn’t be more excited to share this journey with each and every one of them.

I’m personally taking part in the challenge this year and will be sharing my experience both as a participant and a coach each week here on my blog. So here goes week one!

Oh how I love the first week of a new challenge! Energy levels are high, everyone is excited to start and after a busy, chocolate and wine filled holiday season, everyone is ready to make some changes. As a coach I know how important it is for each woman to acknowledge how they are feeling at the start because it is inevitable that at some point over the next 12 weeks there will be feelings of discouragement, disappointment or a loss of interest and during those times it’s so important to revisit those initial feelings and remember why you started in the first place.

Full disclosure – there is one part of the challenge that is difficult for me as a coach. Each lady is asked to submit a “before” photo. The most common reaction to this is “ugh do I have to?” And then once they are sent, they are usually accompanied with a note that says ‘eww’ or ‘apologies for my gross photos’ or ‘I’m so embarrassed.’ and honestly this is heartbreaking for me because that is not at all what I see.

Whenever I look at before photos I never look at the person as a failure, gross or shameful -those thoughts never cross my mind – I see strength, courage, determination and desire for change. I smile because I know the feeling of wanting my life to be different and I know that admitting it to another person (let alone a complete stranger) is a huge step in the right direction. That ‘before’ body is the one that will be putting in the hours and fighting for better health. That ‘before” body will be sore, will change shape, will grow faster, stronger, more capable and will surprise you week by week – so own it and love it no matter what it looks like in a photo. The beauty of it all and what I love so much about my job, is witnessing the ability of a person to make a choice to make a change in their life and then feeling empowered enough to actually take the action to do so.

So since I’m also walking the walk this year I thought it was only fair to share my goals and photos with the rest of the team (and the thousands of people that visit this site lol) using the same questions asked of each participant. Here goes…

Overall fitness goals:
Sign up for a 10k run in the spring and complete in under 45 minutes
Be able to do 10 unassisted pull ups
Be able to do 10 box jumps using the high box without freaking out

Overall Nutritional goals:
Add variety to my meals by making 1 new recipe every weekend
Start each day off with a green juice/smoothie with my vitamins
Cut back to just 1 coffee a day

Once I reach my goal my life will be different because:
I will be faster and I will be stronger! I will have taken myself out of my comfort zone which will give me confidence and will hopefully inspire others. I will have decreased the amount of caffeine I consume which will lower my levels of anxiety/restlessness and will help me stay hydrated and focused throughout the day.

What challenges or hurdles may I be faced with and how will I overcome them?
I’ve always disliked running because I get so bored and my hips get really tight and sore. To overcome this I will 1. mix up my environment by running new paths each week 2. create a new playlist – because goods tunes are clutch for me 3. Take more time to warm up, stretch and incorporate hip mobility into my routine

Who else in my life will be effective by this new undertaking?
My fiancé Joey – in a good way of course because our fridge will be stocked with healthy eats, I’ll be more energetic and will motivate him to workout with me. My friends and family will hopefully be inspired to join me or to take on a challenge of their own. The other participants of the challenge will hopefully see that fitness is a lifestyle and no matter what shape you are in or what goals you have already achieved you can always be strive to grow and create balance in all areas of your life.

What motivates me most to reach my goals?
I want to be like fine wine and get better with age! I’m so sick of people saying it all starts to get harder in your mid-thirty’s. I’ve seen women in their 80’s doing gymnastic and yoga and moving like they are 20 years old. I’m going to be like that! This is a big year for me – I’m getting married in August and plan to start a family shortly after. Prepping my body for pregnancy and hoping to bounce back both physically and mentally afterwards is motivation for me to stay on top of my health game!

Say Cheese!

One week down, a lifetime to go! 😉 This challenge is about creating new habits and a lifestyle that is sustainable and realistic. Every day there will be wins and losses and it will be important to stay focused on creating balance and letting go of the past so that we are always moving forward.

If you have not signed up for the Challenge this year but need a program to help you stay on track towards reaching your goals, my Three Phase Programs are available year round and you can get started at anytime. Share your journey with me using the hashtags #HRThreePhase and #HeatherRobertson. I look forward to checking in each week and sharing the 2017 Three Phase Challenge with you all!

~ H

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  1. Jen says:

    My hero! This is going to be an exiting year for you!! Have fun in Maui! Don’t forget about the coconut peanut butter… you know for after the challenge!


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