Staying On Track During The Holidays

staying on track

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Snow is falling, the trees are sparkling with lights and family and friends are gathered for festive celebrations. The last thing you want to deal with over this happy time of year is stress or worry. While your health and fitness goals are a priority, it is important to find balance between celebrating and sticking to your diet and workout routine.

The most important thing to remember is that the Christmas season is more than just food! It’s about creating memories, being grateful and spending time with loved ones – so if you think that your Christmas will be ruined if you don’t get to pig out, you are missing the point lol

There are plenty of ways to enjoy every part of the season without throwing your goals out the window. Here are a few of my tips for staying on track during the holidays!

Heading out of town?
Find a local gym, bootcamp or group class to join ahead of time. Most gyms offer a free or discounted trial. You can also find great deals on such sites as Groupon, Living Social etc. for local fitness classes or short term passes.

No access to a gym?
Do bodyweight workouts or quick HIIT workouts that need minimal space and equipment. You don’t need to hide away at the gym for hours to benefit from a workout. Keep your speed up and intensity high and in 20 minutes you can easily earn that slice of pie 🙂

Veggies First.
When you sit down for dinner reach for the veggie dishes and salad first. Fill your plate with veggies and lean proteins before piling on the stuffing, dinner rolls and sweets. Drink plenty of water throughout the meal to keep you hydrated and feeling full and satisfied

Snack Smarter.
It’s totally fine, and expected, that you will indulge over the holidays. It’s just important to remember to enjoy your favorite treats in moderation. try to avoid any artificial ingredients or packaged items and opt for homemade, clean versions of your favorite treats

Get Outdoors.
Besides hitting the gym there are plenty of ways to stay active outdoors during the winter season. Ice skating, tobogganing, skiing, snowshoeing – are all fun holiday activities that will burn serious calories.

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