Gym Workout For A Strong Back

gym workout for a strong back

This gym workout combines exercises using cable systems, barbells and dumbbells. This type of superset program provides resistance to build strength and intensity to increase the heart rate and improve cardiovascular endurance.

Choose a weight for each exercise that you can properly execute for 12-15 reps without losing form. Click each exercise for a full description or ask a gym employee for help if you are new to using the equipment – don’t be shy!


2 Supersets/4 exercises each.
4 sets/12-15 reps.

*Don’t forget to perform a 5-10 minute warm up. Jogging, jump rope etc. to get the muscles and joints warmed up and loosened up before starting!

Lets get started! Complete 4 sets of superset #1. Take minimal rest in between exercises.

Superset #1

1. Lat Pull Down

2. 1-Arm Seated Row

3. Standing Pull Back

4. Prone Dumbbell Row

Take a quick 1-2 min rest and then move on to 4 sets of superset #2. Keep up both the pace and intensity, resting only when needed.

Superset #2

1. 1-Arm Lat Pull Down

2. Seated Wide Grip Row

3. Straight Arm Pull Down

4. 1-Arm Long Bar Row

That’s a wrap! Time to cool down, stretch and rehydrate!
Looking for more? For a full 12 week gym program with complete exercise database check out my Three Phase Program. It’s the perfect place to start if you are new to the gym and looking for an easy to follow, structured program.

Happy Training! 🙂

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