Introducing My New Focus Series!

Focus Series

I’m so excited to announce the upcoming launch of my all new Focus Series! Summer is (sadly) coming to an end. After months of vacations, weddings, bbq’s and patio parties it’s time to hunker down and refocus on those fitness goals. I created this series after receiving a number of messages that all had a common theme. “How do I work on (this area)”, “How can I get stronger in (this area)”, “(This area) is such a stubborn zone for me, how can I really focus on it?” Well, you ask and you shall receive my friends!

Each of the focus series programs are designed to target a specific group of muscles and to fine tune those areas that need a little extra attention. Add these programs to any of my Three Phase Programs for a more focused and customized approach or follow them on their own for a killer four week challenge.

While we can not spot reduce stubborn fat we can focus on building lean muscle, improving endurance and increasing mobility in certain areas. For me, my upper body has always been where I hold most of my water weight and excess fat. I wanted to have a strong upper body without packing on a ton of extra size to my already broad shoulders. The UPPER BODY program combines all my favorite moves to sculpt out a balanced physique and create defined arms, shoulders, chest & back.

As for the LEGS & GLUTES program – I have many clients that are looking to sculpt out their lower body without losing their sexy curves or, they are looking to put on some shape in all the right places. Resistance training, plyometrics and cardio are all included in this four week program and are proven to get you those strong, lean, powerful legs & glutes you’re looking for.

Next up is the ABS program. Whether it’s a six pack or a flat toned tummy that you are after, the exercises in this program will guide you towards building a strong, functional core which is key in preventing back pain, improving posture and enhancing stability.

Last but not least, the HIIT program is where it’s at if you are looking for fast paced, intense workouts proven to help you shed fat and build lean muscle. Full body workouts that are all 25 minutes or less are perfect for those with a busy schedule or looking for fast results!

All four of these programs will be available on Sept 27th. Here’s the best part – I’m giving away an ultimate Focus Series Bundle including all four programs. All you have to do is sign up below for your chance to win!

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A winner will be announced on Sept 27th. I can’t wait to hook you up!!

2 thoughts on “Introducing My New Focus Series!

  1. Desiree says:

    This is amazing!! I definitely am looking forward to the upper body AND lower body focus series.. I love these at home work outs!! 🙂

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