20 Ways To Burn Fat Faster!

Burn Fat Faster

So you’ve been working out like a crazy person and eating a healthy diet, but for some reason you’ve hit a plateau and you just can’t seem to lose those last few pounds of stubborn fat. Making some simple changes in your day to day routine may be just what you need to push you past that plateau. Here are 20 quick tips that may help you burn fat faster!

1. Eat Frequent Meals

Five to six small meals throughout the day will help boost your metabolism

2. Poach Don’t Fry

Your eggs, fish and poultry. You’ll avoid the extra fats from cooking oils.

3. Drink More

Tea and water. Tea is full of fat-burning antioxidants and good ol’ H2O will keep you hydrated and keep you feeling full longer.

4. Take The Stairs

And skip the elevator. Burn an extra 100 calories for every 10 minutes you climb.

5. Keep A Journal

Tracking both your training and food in a journal can help you realize where you may have room for adjustments and may point out bad habits you’ve never noticed before.

6. Get Rest

You’ve heard it before. Quality rest is key. Depriving yourself of a restful sleep can wreck havoc on your metabolism.

7. Rest Less

During you workouts! Keep your heart rate high by keeping the intensity up. With shorter rest periods between exercises your muscles will have to work harder and will burn more fat.

8. Indulge

Plan to feed that sweet tooth or give in to your cravings once a week to rev your metabolism and prevent binge eating.

9. Go Easy on The Dressing

Dressings and sauces can easily turn a healthy dish into a fat filled meal. Avoid dressings and sauces loaded with sugar and salt and opt for more natural options.

10. Order Smart

When you eat out ask for dressings/sauces on the side, look for key phrases on the menu such as grilled, baked & roasted, skip the fries and order half sizes when possible.

11. Clean out Your Pantry

Get rid of temptation and stock only lean, healthy foods within arms reach.

12. Track Your Progress

Use a fitness tracking device and/or app to make reaching your goals more fun.

13. Train With A Buddy

Find a friend that is stronger than you to push you and motivate you to take your workouts to the next level.

14. Eat Less

Fried foods, sugar/candy, processed foods, fast food/take out, alcohol, soda, saturated and trans fats.

15. Eat More

Lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats (mono- and polyunsaturated) and complex carbs.

16. Eat Consciously

Eat at the kitchen table instead of on the couch in front of the tv. Be present when eating – chew slowly and listen to when your body tells you it’s full.

17. Let Go

Of the handrails when you are doing cardio! This is a huge pet peeve of mine – when you hold on to the treadmill during cardio you are letting the machine do a lot of the work. Get those arms pumping and burn even more calories.

18. Do Intervals

Become a fat burning machine by incorporating intervals of plyometrics, short bursts of sprinting or alternating between jogging and running.

19. Set New Goals

If you’ve hit a plateau it’s time to reevaluate and set some new goals. Short term goals will help you stay focused and motivated.

20. Visit Your Doc

Make it a habit to visit your doc at least once a year. If you have concerns about your struggle with weight loss or your metabolism it may be worth having some blood work done or discussing the issue further with a pro.

I hope these tips help push you to the next level with your fitness goals and help you to burn fat faster! If you have any tips and tricks that really work for you please share them in the comments below 🙂

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