How to Reduce Bloating and Water Retention

Reduce Bloating and Water Retention

Bloating and water retention occurs for a number of reasons; stress, lack of sleep, overeating, hormones – even hot weather or high altitudes. While there are some more serious causes for extreme bloating that shouldn’t be overlooked, like food allergies or digestive issues, there are a few natural remedies that may help reduce your occasional bloating and water retention symptoms.

Drink More

I know it sounds ironic but adding more of these fluids into your day to day routine can actually help reduce the bloat

Your body will hold on to an “emergency stash” of water if it feels at risk for dehydration – especially in hot weather or while playing sports. When you rehydrate with water, it learns it is no longer at risk and it will release the retained fluids, leading to reduced swelling.

Cranberry Juice
Pure cranberry juice, not the fruit cocktail kind, acts as a natural diuretic and is high in vitamin and mineral content so, as it helps flush out your system it is also supplying your body with essential nutrients. Drink in moderation and in conjunction with your daily H2O.

Supplement Naturally

I always warn my clients against trying to find a quick fix or magical pill for weight loss. If you are looking to shed a few pounds of water weight and want to do it naturally, these remedies are always my go-to solutions for instant “deflation.”

Dandelion Root
Another natural diuretic this powerful little weed can increase the amount of urine produced by your kidneys and rid the body of excessive salt. Try it in either tea or pill form

Sounds appetizing no? Horsetail is a plant with leaves that are commonly used for medicinal purposes. One use in particular is the relief of water retention. By increasing urine output Horsetail flushes out access fluids and salt.

Eat These Foods

These foods are high in water content and have natural diuretic properties. Adding them to your diet may be helpful when wanted to shed access fluids. At the same time be sure to avoid high sodium, high sugar, fatty or processed foods

Celery or celery seed’s nutritional properties help maintain fluid balance in the body. Other green veggies such as asparagus, cucumber and zucchini have similar properties and should play a major part in your meal planning.

Adding potassium to your diet helps your body discard excess salt through urine. Add a banana to your oatmeal or smoothie to increase your daily potassium intake.

Remember if you have severe or ongoing bloating there may be a more serious issue to blame so be sure to chat with your doc! Otherwise, I hope these tips help to relieve any annoying occasional bloat. If you have any remedies of your own please share them in the comments below!

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