My New At Home Program

My highly anticipated At Home Three Phase program is now available and gaining steady popularity! This new video series was created after a number of emails and social media messages I was receiving from clients looking for an at photohome alternative to my other programs. I wanted to create a series of workouts that could easily be completed from home with minimal equipment and would still provide the same killer results that you get from the gym.

I didn’t want to overcomplicate things but simply record what I personally do for workouts at home or when I’m on the road. Workouts that I have tested over and over and have seen the results. So I set up shop in my living room. No top production team, no expensive lighting or fancy special effects. Just me and my camera. There were definitely a few bumps along the way – like forgetting to hit the record button on the camera and not noticing until half the workout was done *sigh

To be totally honest there was a point in the whole production when I almost gave up and wanted to shut down the entire idea. I thought no one would take me seriously because I didn’t have a designer wardrobe or a hair and make-up team to make me look my best. I spent too much time looking at what else was on the market and feeling like I wasn’t making the cut. I didn’t have multiple camera angles or lighting to make my muscles ‘pop’ and sweat glisten. I didn’t have a sound crew that could cancel out the sirens and noise of downtown Vancouver in the background. I got so caught up in worrying about what I thought people wanted that I lost track of what my actual goal was.

And that goal was to be real. To provide information to you free of fluff and false advertising. When I work out I don’t do my hair and make up, I don’t style my wardrobe and I don’t take breaks to reshoot if my form isn’t perfect or if I lose balance and stumble (you’ll notice that happens a lot lol) I had to remind myself who this program was for and what it’s purpose was. It’s about trying something new, getting out of your comfort zone and committing to a stronger, faster, more bad ass version of you – free of doubts and insecurities. I’ve never found perfection, or the illusion of perfection, to be inspiring – so why would I want to portray that to my audience?

And so that’s what you get. Sirens in the background, cat cameos, stumbles, awkward goodbyes and imperfections galore. I wouldn’t have it any other way. So throw on those frumpy sweats, crank your favourite tunes and focus on what counts. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

~ Heather

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