Top 3 Benefits of Maca Powder

Benefits of Maca Powder

Bad mood swings? Low energy? Decreased libido? There may be a natural solution! I came across Maca powder just a few weeks ago in my local health food store. I admittedly suffer from bouts of anxiety and seemingly uncontrollable mood swings during “that time of the month” :S I have found a great amount of relief through consistent exercise and practicing yoga and meditation. These physical actions definitely help but using Maca powder may be a good way to treat these symptoms from the inside out!

Maca is a root belonging to the radish family. As a supplement, it is commonly sold in a powder form. Taking 1/2 tsp – 1tbsp per day (depending on the brand dosage and your personal needs) can provide a number of health benefits. Here are just a few of the benefits of Maca powder!

1. Increased Energy

You may notice an increase in energy within days of taking Maca powder. Athletes may use this supplement to improve stamina and endurance – the same results can be seen in the bedroom as well! Increased libido and a boost in sexual function has been reported from those using Maca.

2. Improved Mood

PMS sufferers rejoice! Maca may alleviate cramps, body pain, hot flashes, mood swings, and depression – As well as everyday stress and anxiety.

3. Healthy Glowing Skin

Maca may help improve the appearance of your skin by eliminating acne and blemishes. It may also decrease sensitivity to extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Maca powder has a earthy, toasted flavor and is most enjoyable when mixed into your smoothies, salads or juices. Be sure not to overheat it or add it to hot beverages/sauces as it will lose it’s benefits. Remember to always check with your doctor before trying any new supplements. Maca should be avoided if you are breast feeding, have liver issues or high blood pressure.

If you’ve tried Maca powder before please share your thoughts or recipe ideas below!

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