Surfer Body Workout

Surfer Body Workout

I have only attempted surfing a handful of times in my life- Each time the ocean gave me a pretty good beating and I’m pretty sure I only swam fast because I was afraid of sharks lol but, I’m determined to give it another shot! There’s a reason that pro surfers have the killer bodies that they do – this sport requires some serious strength, balance and endurance. The exercises in this circuit are designed to help improve your performance out on the waves by providing full body strength and stability. Mix this surfer body workout into your regular routine if you’re new to the sport or just want to improve your skills!

Complete 3-4 sets of each superset.

Superset 1

For Strong Steady Legs

Overhead Carry Lunge x10/leg
Single Leg Stand Up x10/leg
Jump Squat x10

Superset 2

For Balance and a Strong Core

Russian Twist x30
Plank Hold for 60 seconds
Wood Chopper x10/side

Superset 3

For Upper Body Strength

T-Push Up x10/side
Tricep Dips x15
Plank Row x10/arm

Superset 4

For Cardio Endurance

Box Jumps x10
Speed Skaters 30 seconds
Burpees 30 seconds

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