10 Simple Ways to Drink More Water

Drink More Water

We all know how important hydration is and getting in the minimum eight glasses a day can sometimes feel like a real challenge. Proper hydration can improve energy levels, help you feel full for longer, do wonders for your hair, skin and nails and provides your body with a proper balance of fluids. Learn to drink more water each day and create new habits by using these simple tips.

1. Every time you pass a water cooler or fountain make a point to stop and take a sip.

2. Make your water more enjoyable, and extra refreshing, by adding fresh fruit or mint leaves. Or – try freezing chopped up fruit/herbs in ice cube trays and use them to cool down your H2O.

3. Make it part of your routine. Have a large glass first thing in the morning before breakfast, when you sit down at your work desk or before you leave for lunch.

4. Always ask for a large glass of water whenever you eat out at a restaurant – especially if you are drinking any alcohol.

5. Have multiple reusable bottles handy. Keep one at home, one in the car and one at work so you are always reminded to drink up.

6. Try drinking through a straw – typically this will cause you to drink faster and take bigger sips.

7. Add a tall glass of water to your beauty care regime. Wash and moisturize then finish with a drink. It’s the cheapest skin care product out there!

8. Keep track. Keep a tally system going or keep a water journal . The action of writing it down will keep you more engaged and more aware of how often/or not you are drinking.

9. Create a points system or make it a game. Creating a fun challenge with friends or coworkers can help you stay motivated. Try out a water bank. For every glass you drink, deposit a certain amount of money into the bank. Whoever has deposited the most at the end of the week walks away with the cash!

10. Set reminders. If all else fails and you just can’t remember to drink water on your own – let technology do it for you. Set an alarm on your phone, computer or watch for times throughout the day that you know you can stop and grab a water – 10 minutes after your regular morning alarm, on the commute to work, at lunch etc.

I hope these tips help! I know it can be tricky to remember to drink enough each day but I also know how great I feel when I get in my daily dose of H2O. Let me know if you have any tricks of your own 🙂

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