10 Best Pre & Post Workout Meals

Best Pre & Post Workout Meals

Eating the right types of food before and after your workout can really make a difference on how you feel and the type of results you get. When I start with a new client I almost always get asked the same question “What should I eat before my workout?” Here are some of my ideas for the best pre & post workout meals.

While the pre workout meal is important, what you eat after your workout deserves just as much attention. The two macro nutrients that play the biggest role in both of these meals are protein and carbohydrates. In both your pre and post meals you will want to include a lean source of protein (chicken, eggs, fish etc.)

Now, when it comes to carbs there are two types that come into play here – high GI and low GI (glycemic index) Low GI carbs are slower to digest and provide your body with fuel and sustainable energy to help get you through your workout. For example – yams, vegetables, whole grains. Higher GI carbs are known to spike your insulin levels which provides a rush of nutrients to the muscles replenishing depleted glycogen levels. These include such foods as fruit and natural sugars. Below are a few ideas to try for both your pre and post workout meals.

Before: Protein & Lower GI Carbs (for fuel + energy)

  • Hardboiled eggs, sprouted grain toast & avocado
  • Grilled chicken breast & sweet potato
  • Veggie omelete
  • Whole wheat wrap with tuna, hummus, cucumber & avocado
  • Steel cut oatmeal with cinnamon & hemp hearts

After: Protein & Higher GI Carbs (for replenishment + recovery)

  • Greek yogurt, granola/oats & fresh berries
  • Protein shake, 1/2 banana & almond milk
  • Rice cakes with almond/peanut butter & apple slices
  • Salmon, steamed carrots & peas
  • Dried fruit & nut trail mix

Food is fuel. Get the best results from your workouts by eating the right types of food both before and after. If you have a go-to pre or post workout meal idea please share it in the comments below!

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