Four Easy & Healthy Rice Bowl Recipes

Sushi Bowl Recipe

I love a good rice bowl. It’s my “I’m too lazy to cook anything fancy” meal of choice. These easy to make rice bowl recipes make a quick meal during the week and can be a great way to use up leftovers! Get creative and make it your own by combining brown rice, a lean source of protein and mixed veggies. Add flavor with clean homemade dressings or sauces.

Korean Rice Bowl

I love the different textures and fusion of flavors in this dish. This bowl is like chicken fried rice on steroids!

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Korean Rice Bowl Recipe

Thai Chicken Bowl

Ok I guess technically this is a quinoa bowl, but it would be just as great with brown rice too šŸ™‚ The sweet, creamy dressing is too die for!

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Thai Chicken Bowl Recipe

Sushi Bowl

This vegetarian dish is light but full of flavor. Why spend time perfecting your sushi roll when you can just throw it all in a bowl? – easy peasy

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Sushi Bowl Recipe

Mexi Rice Bowl

Another vegetarian meal with a Mexican twist. This dish would also be amazing topped with ground turkey or thinly sliced beef – for all you meat lovers.

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Vegetarian Mexi Rice Bowl Recipe

One thought on “Four Easy & Healthy Rice Bowl Recipes

  1. Merry Pearl says:

    Thank you for your precise instructions and your insight!
    Iā€™m of Latin descent and I have never been able to cook rice perfectly to save my life. It was a bit of a downer, given my heritage ā€“ but your easy step by step guide helped me make my first perfect rice in 20 years!
    Thank you again!

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