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Sample Program

Here’s a special sneak peek at my Three Phase Program! This is a sample workout from Phase One of my online training program and it’s sure to give you a good taste of what the program is all about. Phase one is all about mobility, building endurance and improving performance. We start with full body workouts to target all areas and build a strong foundation for Phase two. These workouts are fast paced and proven to work!

This sample program will give you a preview of how the workouts are laid out in your downloadable program. You’ll notice that each exercise is linked to my exercise database so you will never be left guessing how to properly perform each move. Plus, you can access your program at anytime on all your mobile devices!

As you progress through the workouts you will begin to focus on isolating muscle groups and lifting heavier weights to build sexy lean muscle. In the final phase we really begin to train like an athlete with timed circuits, HIIT and plyometrics – aka lots of sweat and high calorie burning sessions! This final phase is all about shedding unwanted fat and finishing with a sculpted feminine physique.

Grab your training buddy and try out this workout today! Then, sign up for your own Three Phase Program to get started on a full twelve week routine that also includes a structured meal plan to help fuel your workouts through each phase. Menus full of healthy, delicious recipes to keep you fueled and ready to kick butt in the gym. Plus, time saving shopping lists to keep you organized!

Now download your free workout and get to the gym 🙂 Happy Training!!

Download The Workout Here

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