Success Story – Victoria Martin

Success Story - Victoria Martin

What can I say about Miss Victoria? It has been such a pleasure to watch her tackle her workouts and excel at meal planning even with a crazy work schedule. She showcased commitment at it’s finest and I never once heard an excuse from her. Not only did she achieve a physical transformation but she also gained results that couldn’t be seen from the outside – energy, improved mood, confidence and decreased stress, just to name a few. I’m so proud of how far she has come and can’t wait to see where her health and wellness journey takes her next! Hear what Victoria has to say about her experience below.

Success Story - Victoria Martin

Victoria Martin

“I, like many, struggled with trying to lose weight and make sense of all the diet fads out there. I had been going to my local gym to workout and take classes but my body had plateaued. I was getting frustrated by not seeing any results.

Enter Heather’s program.

It was exactly what I needed to tweak my fitness and nutrition regime. Following Heather’s Three Phase Program I immediately began to feel better and have more energy. I instantly began to lose inches and body fat. I saw my body change and I finally broke through my plateaus.

Heathers workouts are amazing! She keeps them new and exciting so you are constantly challenged – sweating and sore but never bored. The recipes are great, easy to prepare and are delicious! Meal prep became a habit and it was so convenient during the week to have healthy options ready to go. My favorite recipes are the waffles, quinoa mushroom burgers, chicken stir fry, and the warm quinoa salad…to name a few!

Since completing the program I have set new goals and I know that I now have the knowledge and confidence to achieve them. Needless to say, I’m addicted and I’m not finished yet! I would recommend Heather’s program to anyone whether they are new to working out or are just looking to shake up their current fitness routine.”

Begin your transformation today with the Three Phase Program!

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