Best Exercises For Lean Strong Legs

Lean Strong Legs

Want to get lean strong legs but you’re afraid that lifting weights will make your legs thick or bulky? Here’s my solution – plyometrics.

Weight training and heavy power-lifts like squats and deadlifts will definitely help create strong muscle and shape to your legs and glutes. If you want to really define that muscle and create a long, lean appearance incorporating plyometric moves like jumping and sprinting is sure to do the trick. Try out this intense workout to sculpt strong, sexy legs.

*Complete 3-4 sets of each superset.

Superset 1

Barbell squats x10
Jump squats x20

Superset 2

Crossover lunges x10 each leg
Jump Lunges x10 each leg

Superset 3

Single Leg Cable Deadlift x10 each leg
Bike Sprint x60 seconds (medium resistance, max speed)

Superset 4

Weighted Hip Trusters x10
Box Jumps x20

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