How to Stay Motivated and Achieve your Goals

My 2015 Three Phase Challenge is off to a great start! It’s week one and all the ladies are excited and ready to take on the next three months. They are posting pics, sharing recipes and cheering each other on. I always love the start of a new challenge and enjoy watching the energy and anticipation of success.

Unfortunately – and this is very common in any type of project – there comes a point within the challenge where the excitement begins to fizzle out, the work begins to feel like a chore and people slowly begin to feel less engaged. This is human nature.

However, there are some simple steps that you can take to defend against becoming demotivated and falling back into your old regular routine.

From personal experience, I find this comes from losing sight of why the challenge was taken on in the first place. It is pretty rare for anyone to take action and get involved in a project without the desire to achieve something in the end. The initial excitement comes from the possibilities and the desire for a change. Once you hit a road block or experience a speed bump – which will happen – the excitement fades, as those possibilities seem further from reach, and frustration settles in. During these “lulls” it is crucial to revisit your initial goals and intentions. Below are the questions that I like to ask myself and my clients when they begin a new challenge.

1. Why did I begin this challenge in the first place?

2. How will my life be different when I complete this challenge?

3. How will my life remain the same if I do not complete this project?

4. Who in my life will be affected when I complete this project, and how?

5. Who in my life will be affected if I don’t complete this project, and how?

6. What will come up for me, get in the way or stop me from getting my results during the challenge?

Revisit these questions along with your answers anytime you are feeling unmotivated, frustrated or at a stand still in your progress. And be realistic – expect to go through a period where there may be some struggles! Embrace them, they’re part of the process.

Looking back, every single struggle that I managed to trudge my way through left me stronger, smarter and a lot prouder of myself at the end. It’s not about perfection. It’s about progress and completing what you started even when the process doesn’t go the way you had expected.

What do you think about these questions? Do you use a different strategy to stay motivated or inspired? I would love to hear your methods in the comments below 🙂

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