SMIT Training Program

SMIT training program

SMIT or Supramaximal Interval Training is an intense interval training method very similar to HIIT (High intensity interval training) but with one small difference.

In HIIT you perform an exercise at high intensity for a moderate amount of time followed by short periods of active rest or recovery. SMIT, on the other hand, requires you to perform intervals of all out, maximum intensity combined with short periods of zero activity or complete rest.

So what’s the benefit of doing SMIT instead of HIIT? Well simply put, you are reaching your maximum level of intensity during the work periods and while resting with zero activity you allow your body to fully recover so that you are able to perform the next interval at the same level of intensity. This type of training will help to improve your endurance, speed, agility and sprinting performance.

Here is a SMIT training program that you can complete outdoors, on a treadmill or on a track. Please note: this type of training is best suited for advanced levels of fitness. If you are just starting out with running or sprinting start with HIIT or Tabata circuits.

  • Place two markers (cones, water bottles etc.) 20 meters apart *If using a treadmill just track your distance on the display
  • Sprint back and forth between each marker with maximum intensity. *There and back= 1 lap (40m)
  • Make sure you are hitting the marker each time – no cutting it short!
  • The resting phase is total rest/zero activity but be sure to get up and walk around a bit right before starting the next interval to keep the muscles warm
  • The recovery or rest time should be between 2-4 minutes. Long enough for you to catch your breath and be able to have a conversation without gasping for air
  • Repeat for the suggested amount of laps.

Shuttle Sprints SMIT Circuit

6 laps x1 240m
5 laps x1 200m
4 laps x2 320m
3 laps x1 120m

Total Distance = 880m

As you advance, slowly begin to increase the repetition of laps and your total distance. Always warm up before your workout and cool down after to prevent injury and encourage proper recovery. This is an intense one but it is sure to create some impressive results!

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