Success Story – Katie Grey

Success Story: Katie Grey

Katie went from a size 12 to a size 6! This determined lady made simple changes to her daily nutrition without depriving herself or feeling like she was “dieting” The athlete inside of her resurfaced and throughout her Three Phase Program workouts she became stronger, faster and more focused than ever. I’m so proud of you Katie!! Hear what Katie has to say about her experience below.

Katie Grey
Katie Grey

I started Heather’s Three Phase Program shortly after the Calgary Stampede in July 2013. I initially wanted to lose some weight for my wedding, but now I’m hooked! I was super unhappy with my body, really self-conscious and didn’t understand how to properly nourish and fuel my body. I completed my Three Phase Program and could not believe the changes!

For the longest time I actually thought that my body was just the way it was and that I couldn’t do anything to change it, no matter how hard I “dieted.” This was also back at the time when I thought a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup out of a can was a healthy lunch. After following Heather’s program I started to better understand the types of foods I should be putting into my body. My meals transformed from unhealthy carbs and fats to protein, healthy carbs & healthy fats with every serving. Once I had my meals and snacks on track the extra fat that I had been toting around for years started to disappear.

The workouts changed week by week which kept my body guessing and I developed strength and muscle tone that I was never able to achieve even as a university varsity athlete! I truly believe that I am in better shape now at 26 years old than I was in high school, to prove it to myself I even tried on my old grad dress, which was a size 12, and it feel right off of me! (my current frame is a size 6!).

Thank you Heather – You have really helped me develop good habits and to transform my lifestyle!

Begin your transformation today with the Three Phase Program!

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