Vitamix Monday: White Bean Dip

White Bean Dip

Kidney Beans are loaded with fibre making them a superstar when it comes to lowering cholesterol as well as preventing blood sugar level spikes. These qualities make this super bean a good choice for those with diabetes or hypoglycaemia.

Kidney beans may also increase your energy levels by restoring iron levels. This is a great alternative to red meat (also very high in iron) as kidney beans are low in calories and virtually fat free! Try this white bean dip with raw veggies, rice crackers or use it as a spread on a pita or wrap.

Nutritional Information

Serves 4

Nutritional Value per Serving (approx 1/2 cup): 146 calories, 4g fat, 8g protein, 19g carbs



1 (19oz)can white kidney beans, drained & rinsed well

1/4 cup fresh basil

half a large lemon, peeled and de-seeded

1/2 tsp each sea salt & pepper

1 large clove garlic

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil



Combine all ingredients into the Vitamix in the order listed. Place the lid on securely. Select the “Frozen Desert” setting and press start. Let the Vitamix run through the full cycle. Once complete pour contents into serving or storage dish.

2 thoughts on “Vitamix Monday: White Bean Dip

  1. Laura Sedor says:

    Heather – may I include some of your vegan recipes on my website Lenten Season, with link backs to your site and attribution provided on the recipe? It is designed for providing resources for during the Orthodox Christian lent, when we fast from meat, dairy and eggs. I am enjoying your recipes and appreciate your time! Please let me know, so that I can proceed (or not proceed) with posting the recipes.

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