My Daily Vitamin Dose

Daily Vitamin Dosage

I get a lot of questions regarding vitamins. There is an overwhelming number of products out there each with over-the-top claims to provide you with the perfect amount of magical ingredients to help you achieve your health goals. My biggest concern is that most of these “magical ingredients” are almost impossible to pronounce and so much money is spent on products that we just flush down the toilet- Literally!

My advice to clients is to always try to obtain your daily nutritional requirements through real food! Did you know that you can get 300% of your daily Vitamin C requirements simply by eating one red bell pepper!? Of course there is always the exception of those that suffer from very low levels of certain nutrients or require supplementation for specific health reasons. In which case- you should be discussing these specific needs with your doctor or other health care provider.

For overall health and maintenance, these are the daily vitamins that I take and recommend to my personal clients.

Fish oils: Daily Dose= minimum of 600mg DHA

Contain the fabulous omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA- Essential for proper functioning of the heart and brain. For clients of mine that do not eat fish this is always on the top of the list. Besides positive effects on your hair, skin and nails these bad boys may reduce inflammation that lead to heart attacks. *Fish oils should be kept in the fridge or they will spoil!

CLA: Daily Dose= 4-5g

I do not believe in store bought fat burners and never recommend them or use them myself. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is the most natural alternative. It helps to increase the metabolic rate, enhance muscle growth, decrease abdominal fat plus many other benefits cholesterol and insulin levels.

CoQ10: Daily Dose= 150mg

Needed to help your body produce energy to aid in cell growth and maintenance. The boost in energy also assists in recovery from exercise. This antioxidant can be found in organ foods such as heart, liver and kidneys- Now I don’t know too many people with a diet heavy in organ foods which is why I recommend the CoQ10 😉

Calcium Magnesium: Daily Dose= 600mg Calcium + 400mg Magnesium

It has become quite common for most of my female diets to consume a minimal or non-dairy diet. If this is the case I recommend the Calcium Magnesium combo for strong muscles, bones and teeth. Be sure to take your calcium/magnesium supplement separately along with Vitamin D (see below) and take it 2 hours after eating. *Calcium can block absorption of other supplements and prescription drugs.

Vitamin D: Daily Dose= 1000IU

Will help your body absorb Calcium and is essential in maintaining the health of your blood vessels, nervous system and immune system. If you live in a more northern climate where the sun isn’t always out- it is highly likely that you are not getting enough daily Vitamin D!

Again, the most effective and inexpensive way to be sure you are getting all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals that you need is to stick to a healthy and balanced diet rich in a variety of natural foods. To learn more about following a balanced, clean diet check out our affordable Monthly Meal Plans!

*This list of vitamins/supplements is only a personal opinion. Always check with your doctor or health care provider to be sure which product and doses may be best for you!

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