Bodyweight Workout – No Equipment Needed!

Bodyweight workout

I have heard a lot of excuses as to why people just can’t get a workout in during the day. Well not having equipment or access to a gym should never be one of them! This bodyweight workout uses your body’s own resistance to produce some calorie burning, fat shedding results!

This workout includes six exercises that you can perform in the comfort of your home, in a hotel room, outdoors or anywhere you see fit! Complete each exercise for 50 seconds. Take 10 seconds to rest and then switch to the next exercise. Once you complete a full circuit of the six exercises rest for 1-2 minutes and then repeat for a total of 3-4 sets (24-32 minutes) Be sure to warm up for 5 minutes before getting started by jogging in place or doing jumping jacks. Sip water as needed and don’t forget to stretch after your workout!

Jump Lunges:
1.Assume a lunge stance position with one foot forward with the knee bent, and the rear knee bent and nearly touching the ground. be sure that the front knee does not pass over the front toes of the foot.
2.Pushing through both legs, jump as high as possible.
3.As you jump, quickly switch your legs in the air, and land back in the starting position now with the opposite foot forward.
4.Repeat this motion for the recommended amount of time

1. Get into a face down position on the floor, supporting your weight on your toes and your forearms. Your arms are bent and directly below the shoulder.
2. Keep your body straight at all times, and hold this position for the recommended amount of time. Remember to keep your back straight, core engaged and butt down. To increase difficulty, try raising one arm or leg. Hold for the recommended amount of time.

Power Jacks:
1.Start with feet in a wide stance, toes angle out and arms at your sides
2.Lower down in to a plie squat by bending the knees. Keep your posture upright.
3.Explode upwards and bring your feet together and rotate the arms upwards clapping your hands at the top.
4.Reverse this motion to return to the starting position
5.Repeat this movement for the recommended amount of time

T-Push Up:
1.Get into pushup position on the toes with your hands just outside of shoulder width. keep your core pulled in and back flat.
2.Perform a pushup by bending at the elbows. Keep your body straight as you lower down
3.Do one pushup and as you come up, shift your weight on the left side of the body, twist to the side while bringing the right arm up towards the ceiling in a side plank.
4.Alternating this movement on each side, for the recommended number of repetitions

1.Lay face down on an exercise mat. Your arms and legs should be fully extended
2.Exhale as you simultaneously raise your arms, legs, and chest off of the floor and hold this contraction for 2-3 seconds. Keep your arms and legs straight during the movement.
3.Inhale and slowly begin to lower your arms, legs and chest back down to the starting position Repeat for the recommended amount of time.

1. Stand up straight with your arms by your sides and your feet shoulder width apart.
2. Squat down and place your palms face down on the floor in front of you. Kick your legs behind you so you are in a push-up position.
3. Do one push-up, then pull your legs back under you into the squat position, keeping your palms face down on the floor.
4. Stand and then jump in the air, bringing your arms over your head to reach for the ceiling.
5. Repeat for 15-20 reps

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