The Tank Top Workout

Tank Top Workout

The temperature is starting to rise which means the layers of clothing are starting to come off! Tank tops, sun dresses and strapless numbers are popping up in our wardrobes and now is the time to start toning and tightening in just the right spots!

This workout includes six exercises that target the upper body- back, shoulders, arms and chest. Complete each exercise consecutively for 12-15 reps and repeat for a total of 4 sets! Be sure to warm up for 5-10 minutes, rest between each set, sip water and stretch after your workout.

1. Alternating Bicep Curls: Performing this exercise on your knees will prevent swinging and will engage your core. Be sure to fully extend each arm to get a full range of motion.

2. Seated Wide Grip Row: Target that “back bra-fat” area! Sit nice and tall, keep your shoulders pressed down and core engaged. Be sure not to be pulled forward but stay strong and upright with each row.

3. Bent Over Lateral Raise: Bend your knees slightly and bend from the waist keeping your core tight, back flat and chest up. Raise the handle just to shoulder height keeping the arm straight but not locking your elbows.

4. Standing Bent Over Row: Bend from the waist and keep your back flat. Row the dumbbells with your palms facing back and pinkies out. Feel a squeeze between the shoulder blades with each contraction.

5. Tricep Cable Kick-Backs: Grasp the handle with your palm facing down. Keep the upper portion of your arm stationary and hinge back from the elbow. Keep your core engaged and back flat.

6. Dumbbell V-Press: My favourite exercise for targeting stubborn “arm-pit” bulge! As your press the dumbbells upwards open your arms in to a wide “V” position using your chest and shoulder muscles to resist the pull of gravity.

For more descriptive workout routines and fat burning exercises check out the Three Phase Program!

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