The Health Benefits of Red Wine

When anyone asks me what my nutrition weaknesses are I always say chocolate, wine and cupcakes. Yes, unfortunately I have more than one! The great news for me, and other fellow wine lovers, is that there has been plenty of research proving that red wine can actually benefit our health. Hallelujah!

Now don’t get too carried away, these benefits are only produced when we drink red wine in moderation- not by the bottle. A 6oz glass of wine typically holds 120 calories and the alcohol is absorbed into your blood even faster than sugar- which is why it should be consumed in smaller doses. However, indulging in your favourite glass of red from time to time may create some positive impacts on your health. Here’s how!

Protect your Heart and Arteries:

The resveratrol, flavonoids and sapponins in red wine are all powerful antioxidants that help protect your heart from cardiovascular disease. The alcohol content in the wine help to increase your HDL or “good cholesterol” which in turn helps to prevent blood clotting and protects against damage from LDL or “bad cholesterol”

Slow the Signs of Aging:

The antioxidants in wine help to slow the signs of aging by protecting against diseases such as type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis

Prevent Cancer:

One of the antioxidants found in red wine, guercetin, has been tested and may help to prevent lung cancer. Resveratrol not only helps to protect the heart but it has also been known to kill off cancerous cells and can increases the effectiveness of radiation treatments.

Improve Dental Health:

Although red wine leaves a lovely red stain on your teeth, with proper brushing and flossing those stains will disappear and the wine will actually harden your enamel to help prevent tooth decay. The polyphenols in red wine can also help reduce inflammation in the gums and, in turn, helps to fight off gum disease.

So it looks like I have taken care of one of my weaknesses! As far as cupcakes go- I have actually just discovered a clean, healthy alternative that takes care of both this craving as well as my weakness for chocolate. You can find the recipe to the Chocolate Superfood Cupcakes in the new Clean Eating Treats eBook

3 thoughts on “The Health Benefits of Red Wine

  1. Cellars Wine Club says:

    You can enjoy a glass of red wine everyday with your loved ones without having a guilt. It has been proven that red wine contains antioxidants and prevents the risk of heart cancer. Wine lovers will definitely love this.

  2. Torch Cigar Bar says:

    Good to know about these health benefits of red wine. There are lots of people who collect wines as part of their passion but having all these benefits, they have enough reason now to have atleast a glass of wine a day.

  3. Frank Delaware says:

    My wife has been thinking about attending a wine tasting event that is going on, and we wanted to know how she would benefit from it. I really like that you say that it can actually help you prevent cancer due to the antioxidants in the drink! It would be nice to know that she won’t have to worry about cancer later on in life.

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