Five Drinks that will Help Boost your Metabolism

Metabolism is a trending buzz word in health and fitness circles and people are always looking for a way to amp it up, increase the rate, or add fuel to their fat burning fire! As a result, a number of products or supplements are being sold that claim to be “metabolism boosting.” Unfortunately, their effects often get hyped up to unrealistic levels and consumers who are expecting drastic results end up disappointed. If you can look beyond the hype and learn the truth about certain metabolism boosting foods and drinks-that have been proven to produce results- you can greatly benefit from them! Here is a list of my top five metabolism boosting drinks and how they can help you burn more calories each day.


You’ve heard it before- drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water per day has multiple health benefits. What you may not have known is that those benefits include maintaining an optimal metabolism. Staying hydrated prevents your metabolism from slowing down and therefore ensures that you are always burning the maximum amount of calories each day.

Black Tea

Like water, black tea helps you stay hydrated and ensures that your metabolism doesn’t slow down due to dehydration. In addition, black tea is full of health boosting flavanols (or flavan-3-ols) which have been reported to increase your metabolism by as much as 4%. In addition to their metabolism boosting properties, flavanols also enhance blood flow, protect against chronic disease and strengthen your immune system.

Green Tea

Green tea is another fantastic metabolism boosting drink and energy kick-starter. It contains higher concentrations of flavanols than black tea and as a result, it’s an even more potent metabolism booster. There are plenty of different varieties of green tea to choose from- dragonwell, gunpowder, matcha and sencha being some of the most popular options. So find a variety that you like and then drink it regularly to increase the daily amount of calories you burn.

Smoothies or Juice

Smoothies or fresh pressed juices are excellent metabolism boosting drinks and if you pick the right ingredients, you can use them to significantly increase the calories you burn in a day. For the best results, make a smoothie or juice that contains lots of fiber (found in fruits and vegetables) and protein (found in nuts, seeds or protein powders). These two ingredients greatly increase the calories you burn during digestion, so by drinking high fiber, high protein smoothies you can really rev up that metabolism engine! Try out one of my favourite shake recipes here.


Coffee drinkers rejoice! Coffee is another healthy hot drink that shows positive effects on your metabolism. In addition to keeping you hydrated and preventing your metabolism from slowing, coffee also contains high levels of chlorogenic acid. Studies have shown that this health boosting phytonutrient naturally raises your metabolic rate by stimulating the fat burning process within the body. Chlorogenic acid also fights free radicals, promotes blood flow, strengthens your heart and much more. One grande Americano please!

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