Top Five Glute Exercises to Help Build a Better Butt

I recently suffered from a pulled hip flexor and pinched nerve in my lower back. Needless to say, this set me back in terms of my workouts, specifically any lower body training. With that ability taken away I quickly began to realize the importance of incorporating glute exercises in to my routine and the unfortunate side effects that occur when they are eliminated.

Now that I have spent the time getting myself back to a healthy state I am eager to get back to the gym and well on my way to a firmer, perkier, stronger behind!

These five exercises are going to be key components in my workout routine if I want to get my booty back. I’ve put them together in a circuit that can be completed twice a week. Click on the links below for a full exercise description. Don’t forget to challenge yourself with some heavy weights and get as low as you can go on those squats!

Barbell Squats 3 sets of 10

Barbell Hip Trusters 3 sets of 10

Weighted Step ups 3 sets 10 each leg

Walking Lunges 3 sets 15 each leg

Side Cable Leg Lifts 3 sets 15 each leg

These exercises are included in my Three Phase program. Sign up for more booty pleasing workouts and a full 12 week training and nutrition program!

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